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Critics Doubt Authenticity Of Obama’s Birth Certificate

Despite President Barack Obama’s cooperation, some critics believe the certificate is not legitimate. Alex Jones voices his opinion regarding the document on Info Wars, his radio show. Jones is an American talk radio host who describes himself as a “aggressive constitutionalist.” He essentially suggests the release of the document is an insult to one’s intelligence. Alex even invited a Photoshop expert to examine the document to further prove its lack of authenticity.

Do you believe the government manipulated the document or do you disagree with Obama’s critics?

Donald Trump took credit for Obama’s response to the backlash and even wanted to review the document to verify it is authentic. Unfortunately, that did not sit too well at the White House. Trump attended a White House Correspondents’ Dinner and was booed. With that type of reaction I doubt he will ease into the Presidency seat any time soon.

The NBA Conference Semifinals 2011

The NBA Western Conference Semifinals will start up Monday May 2, with  Los Angeles Lakers VS  Dallas Mavericks  in L.A. , and the  Oklahoma City Thunders Vs San Antonio Spurs series will start soon after. Both series are predicted to be a great battle, first between Kobe (LA) and Nowitzki(Dallas)  this is the first time they meet in a postseason, this will be in the Lakers vs Mavericks, and second, because they are in playoffs so they are going to give everything to make the other team go home.

All fanatics want to see a great battle between these two great teams and we have to be sure that the Lakers Captain (Koby Bryant) and Mavericks Captain(Dirk Nowitzki) will not disappoint in giving their 100% in each game.

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Heart Attacks More Severe in the Morning

A Spanish team of scientists and doctors have found a heart attack in the morning will do more damage than any other time of day.  It is already known heart attacks are more common in the morning, however no study has shown the amount of damage done compared to the time of day.

The study consisted of 811 patients, where the team would observe the amount of damage and at what time of day.  The most common time of day was morning heart attacks with 269 patients.  Results showed the amount of two enzymes (creatine kinase and troponin-I) were 21 percent  more in patients who had a heart attack in the morning.

This new information means physicians will be more aggressive to help prevent the extra damage that occurs in the morning.  Knowing this new information will also allow pharmaceutical companies to do research and hopefully come out with new medications to control morning heart attacks differently.

Apple Denies Tracking Users’ Locations

On Wednesday, Apple clarified how its iPhones used location data and promised to make it easier for users to remove the information from their devices.

Answering the growing pressure from the public and a House committee, Apple said that the devices collect and store location data of nearby cell phone towers and Wi-Fi hot spots to speed up location services in the apps that use them. They claim that the data is sent back to Apple encrypted and anonymously. Users have the option to turn location services off entirely.

“Users are confused, partly because the creators of this new technology (including Apple) have not provided enough education about these issues to date,” the company said.

Concerns about Apple tracking user location arose last week when security researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden discussed the discovery of a file on iPhones that stores the latitudes and longitudes of the phone’s coordinates, along with a time stamp. Apple did not immediately respond to the announcement, which incited a storm of questions among users and the public that reached the United States Government.

A committee of House members including Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., and Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass. sent letters to Apple as well as Google, Nokia, Research in Motion and Hewlett-Packard. The letters asked what kind of tracking devices their operating systems used, and demanded to know why they were using them.

Google has also admitted to using similar software to collect location data.

Sen. Franken called for a hearing on mobile privacy issues on May 10. Representatives from Apple and Google have been invited. In an interview with All Things Digital, Steve Jobs announced that the company would attend the hearing.


Article contains information from SFGate.

SETI to Pull Plug on Alien-Seeking Telescopes

SETI has announced that it is shutting down its iconic Allen Telescope Array, a field of radio telescopes that listen to radio waves from outer space, hoping to hear signals from an extraterrestrial civilization. SETI’s mission is to explore the origins and prevalence of life in the universe in order to explain humanity’s place among the stars.

On April, SETI CEO Tom Pierson told donors that the telescopes would be put into “hibernation”, safe but nonfunctional, because of insufficient funding. The news is especially sad to astronomers since the space-based telescope Kepler recently detected 1,235 new possible planets.

“There is a huge irony,”  SETI Director Jill Tarter said, “that a time when we discover so many planets to look at, we don’t have the operating funds to listen.”

SETI has had funding problems since 1994, when Sen. Richard Bryan of Nevada convinced Congress that funding the program wasn’t worth the cost. SETI has been reliant on private funding since then, which has provided the resources to build the Allen Telescope Array. But now SETI cannot handle the day-to-day cost of running the array, which adds up to $5 million over the next two years.

The number seems frustratingly achievable, especially compared to the trillions the United States spends on its national budget.

SETI senior astronomer Seth Shostak said, “Honestly, if everybody contributed just 3 extra cents on their 1040 tax forms, we could find out if we have cosmic company.”


Contains information from MercuryNews.

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep-deprived brains turn themselves off

We all know how it feels to run on too little of sleep. Some of us become irritable, moody, sensitive, and even emotional. The lack of sleep can completely throw some people off of their everyday normal schedule, making it difficult to get back on track. For others the lack of sleep can have no effect on their lives and they are able to function normally day to day.

Studies today have come to some conclusions on exactly what effects lack of sleep can have on the human body and brain. One recent breakthrough researchers have discovered while experimenting with rats is once they become sleep deprived their brains actually begin to shut down, although they are still awake. We are able to link the same type of effects to humans because of how vital sleep is to both humans and animals.

The lack of sleep along with these recent findings are worrisome to many because it means that there are local symptoms of tiredness before there are global signs. This can have devastating consequences especially when it comes to an example like getting behind the wheel. This continued research is key when it comes to sharing the warnings of sleep deprivation.

The Truth about Obama

White House releases detailed Obama birth certificate

Since the day Obama was declared into office there has been critics doubting every move he has made. His determination to improve the state of the economy, to end the continuous war, and to give back to the needy have been questioned by many. One probing question that has always been asked is whether or not Obama was truly born in the United States. Critics can now stop doubting because the answer has been confirmed.

The White House has recently provided a detailed copy of Obama’s birth certificate which was notarized in the state of Hawaii. The birth certificate has Obama’s mothers signature on it and came from the hospital of Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological.

President Obama is who put in the request for the copy of the birth certificate. While he obviously knew all along that he is a native United States citizen he knew that by obtaining the records he could put the many doubters to rest and continue on with the changes he  plans on implementing to continuously improve our country.

Food to Try Before You Die: Hotlix Candy

Hotlix® is truly an amazing candy store. It was founded by Norman Cougar in the early 1980s. Cougar bought and opened a candy shop in downtown Pismo Beach, California. The store still stands today and business is thriving. Hotlix® is recommended for those wanting to try something different and those who are extremely brave.

This store and their ideas are unoriginal and are beyond belief of any candy creator’s dreams. The items possessed in their very unique inventory are crickets, worms, ants, scorpions, and ants, just to name a few. Health departments would shut an eatery down for having vermin in their stores, but not this one. Hotlix® encases these safe edible “vermin” in there candy. Just imagine you’re eating a delicious lollipop and when you get to the middle, it’s not bubble gum, it’s a scorpion. How cool is that? Honestly, their way of incorporating foods Westerners would eat into something we would never eat is incredible. These delicacies are: worm candy, cricket candy, amber insectnside, larvets, crickettes, scorpion candy, ant candy, butterfly candy, and chocolate insects.

Not all of Hotlix® is insect inserted, they also have non-insect candy. The variety of flavors of their non-insect candy is what makes their store even more unique. This includes lollipop flavors: margarita, pina colada, jalapeno, red chili, habanero, cinnamon, horchata, dinosaur DNA dust, moon dust, killer asteroid pop, lunar lix, lollipop eyes, and aquarium candy.

In addition to their candy they also sell flavored toothpicks. Though these are not edible, they do wonders for your breathe after a meal with garlic or onions. The flavors are cinnamon and mint.

Since not everyone lives in California or has the money to fly out here, you can order them online. Their prices range from $0.75 (toothpicks) – 81.00 (cases) USD. Visit their website and see for yourself.

Hotlix Candy

House Questions Apple, Google, Others over Tracking Devices

The uproar over tracking devices in smart phones and other personal devices has reached the United States Government. On Monday, a House committee that oversees privacy issues sent letters to Apple, Google, Nokia, Research in Motion and Hewlett-Packard. The letter to Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, poses questions like “What location data do devices running your operating system track, use, store, or share?” and “Why does the device track, use, store, or share that data?”

The committee expects solid answers by May 9.

The companies who make smart phones and develop apps have come under pressure since researchers discovered that iPhones and Androids contain several months of unencrypted data containing users’ location information. The Wall Street Journal claims that iPhones, along with Google’s Android smart phones, also regularly transmit location data back to the companies. Apple, in particular, has drawn scrutiny over its multiple patent applications for location-tracking technology, including one in 2009 that would help estimate a user’s location and store it in a database.

But both Apple and Google have said that users can prevent the data collection by simply turning off location-based services. Still, disabling these services may not stop the storage of location data on a smart phone.

A Nokia spokeswoman said that the data the devices collect “is only stored in the device, sent or collected when the user chooses to use such services.”

No other company has commented on the House’s inquiries.


Contains information from The Wall Street Journal

Learning With Zombies

Zombies may be dumb, but psychiatrist Dr. Steven Schlozman and mathematician Robert Smith? (who spells his name with a question mark to distinguish himself from other Robert Smiths), believe that we could learn a lot from them.

According to Schlozman, who holds positions at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Program in Child Psychiatry, zombies are a way to explore real issues. Zombies can help people understand how a disease can destroy a brain, how society reacts to epidemics, and ethics surrounding people who have contagious, incurable diseases.

Schlozman explores these dilemmas and more in his new novel, The Zombie Autopsies. Technically, his zombies are not undead – they are people who suffer from an airborne disease that degenerates their mental capabilities until there are “like drunk crocodiles…they don’t know who you are or what you are.” The true horror in Schlozman’s scenario comes from disease’s ability to completely degrade someone’s basic humanity.

Smith?, a mathematician who models how real infectious diseases spread, has created models demonstrating how a zombie outbreak might spread. He comments that the popularity of zombies can be a gateway to science and math for people who would normally be uninterested.

“There are insights that we gain from the movies, and from fiction, from fun popular culture stuff, that actually can really help us think about the way that science works, and also the way science is communicated,” he said.


Contains information from CNN
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