The Truth about Obama

White House releases detailed Obama birth certificate

Since the day Obama was declared into office there has been critics doubting every move he has made. His determination to improve the state of the economy, to end the continuous war, and to give back to the needy have been questioned by many. One probing question that has always been asked is whether or not Obama was truly born in the United States. Critics can now stop doubting because the answer has been confirmed.

The White House has recently provided a detailed copy of Obama’s birth certificate which was notarized in the state of Hawaii. The birth certificate has Obama’s mothers signature on it and came from the hospital of Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological.

President Obama is who put in the request for the copy of the birth certificate. While he obviously knew all along that he is a native United States citizen he knew that by obtaining the records he could put the many doubters to rest and continue on with the changes heĀ  plans on implementing to continuously improve our country.

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  1. Kyana Bell says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I’ve seen articles about this that are way too long to read. I like that this was short, simple, and right to the point.

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