Critics Doubt Authenticity Of Obama’s Birth Certificate

Despite President Barack Obama’s cooperation, some critics believe the certificate is not legitimate. Alex Jones voices his opinion regarding the document on Info Wars, his radio show. Jones is an American talk radio host who describes himself as a “aggressive constitutionalist.” He essentially suggests the release of the document is an insult to one’s intelligence. Alex even invited a Photoshop expert to examine the document to further prove its lack of authenticity.

Do you believe the government manipulated the document or do you disagree with Obama’s critics?

Donald Trump took credit for Obama’s response to the backlash and even wanted to review the document to verify it is authentic. Unfortunately, that did not sit too well at the White House. Trump attended a White House Correspondents’ Dinner and was booed. With that type of reaction I doubt he will ease into the Presidency seat any time soon.

One Response to Critics Doubt Authenticity Of Obama’s Birth Certificate

  1. Paul says:

    I feel that if Obama gets reelected, we’ll have to hear about this issue for another 4 years.

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