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Androids That Will Outshine iPhones

LG Optimus

2011 has a mass of Androids that are sure to knock Apple iPhones off their no. 1 spot.

These “super” Androids are a product of Motorola Mobility, Samsung, HTC and LG. The companies have said they’d provide a phone that is ultra-thin. The phones will also feature better cameras, bigger screens, and faster processors and 4G connections than the new pending iPhone.

Keep an eye out for these top 10 Androids that’ll belittle the iPhone.

  1. Samsung Nexus S, Sprint
  2. LG Optimus
  3. Samsung Droid Charge, Verizon
  4. Samsung Function, Verizon
  5. Motorola Mobility Targa, Verizon
  6. HTC Sensation
  7. LG Revolution, Verizon
  8. Samsung Infuse, AT&T
  9. Motorola Atrix, AT&T
  10. HTC Thunderbolt, Verizon

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E3′s Most Anticipated: Deus Ex

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gameplay

Although not as high-profile as huge video game franchises like Gears of War, Mass Effect or Half-Life, the upcoming X-Box 360 game Deus Ex: Human Revolution already has devoted fans. After a long development period, the game is in a state to be played through. The main story is meant to be completed in 25 hours. But testers have reportedly played the game six hours a week for six days a week, and most have still not beaten it.


Over the years, developers have tried to design games with a wide variety of gameplay options. But too often it fails. A tedious puzzle or out-of-place stealth mission can drag a whole game down. Human Revolution is that it genuinely does seem to have that delicate balance of hacking, stealth, combat and dialogue options open to you throughout. For example, the most recent trailer features hero Adam Jensen crawling into a vent, sneaking through a security laser grid, hacking a robot, and stabbing a guard.

But this trailer shows only a few of the gameplay possibilities.

“In the section with the laser grids, there are some parts where you can get in and shut them down,” says Eidos Montreal producter David Anfossi. “If you don’t have the cloaking augmentation, there’s a pattern you can follow around the room to avoid being detected by the lasers.”

“And there are alternate paths: in another room, you can break a wall and go around. Or you can climb in to the lift, if you have the proper augmentation or the proper tools. Or you can use an EMP grenade on the lasers without triggering the alarm.” Decisions, decisions… “There are even some guards talking that you can overhear,” chimes in writer Mary DeMerle, “and you hear them talking about a fault with the mechanisms behind the lasers – there’s a trick to bypass them entirely.”

Deus Ex: Human Revolution may be a dream come true for hardcore gamers seeking endless gameplay and challenge.

Cell Phones “Possibly Carcinogenic”

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified the radiation emitted by cell phones to be “possibly carcinogenic”. This puts cell phones in the same category as lead, the pesticide DDT, and automobile exhaust. Governments around the world will be pressured to update the public on the dangers of using cell phones for too long.

The IARC reports that making calls for more than half an hour a day over 10 years could increase the risk of developing gliomas – a type of tumor that starts in the brain or spine – by 40 per cent. This is considered “limited” evidence, as further studies are needed to determine whether the gliomas are simply caused by chance. There is no evidence that cell phone radiation causes other kinds of cancer.

Scientists have known that cell phones emit radiation, and that much of it is absorbed by the body. But until recently, cancer studies have been inconclusive because tumors can take decades to develop, and cell phones are a fairly recent technology.

Although Christopher Wilde, director of IARC says that more research needs to be done, he says that “it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands-free devices or texting.”


Contains information from The Telegraph.

Education all year round?

Can you imagine going to school, almost 365 days in a year, with no more than maybe a month (in total) of breaks, accumulated over the school year? There have been rumors stating that schools may become a year round thing and instead of having a summer break there will be a break for a week or two. There are many school systems who have this policy already around the world and their students happen to be some of the smartest students around, but will this system work in our American society. There are a lot of school systems that do this in the United States as well. These schools are mostly college preparatory schools and magnet schools. Will having a system like this improve the graduation rate at school or make them decline more than ever?

School is most certainly a fundamental tool needed and everyone should take advantage of it but having school more than not in a year might not be the best idea. We have to remember the high school students who have to work to survive and provide a means for their families, or the students who have to make up with their lack of educational understanding with after school activities and activities in the summer so they have a chance to get into college. I understand the motive of having school for more months out of the year but it is honestly not necessary. It seems to be more of a deterrence than anything else.

Remedial Help Needed for Many College Students

A report released by the Alliance for Better Education recently showed that many high school students with a good GPA are enrolling in remedial classes in college. The students have to take these remedial classes before they are able to take the required courses to complete their degree. For many, this adds additional costs to the already sky-high tuition rates, as well as longer time completing their degree.

The question to ask is who is to blame for the students remediation? High school teachers must be doing something in the classroom, but the question is what? When compared to students in China and India, American students rank much lower in test scores. In a country where everyone has the right to a free education, many students are not gaining enough knowledge out of it to prepare themselves for college. One thing is for certain, with remedial help being needed more frequently in colleges across America, the institutions are finding this as a way to make more money.

Florida Theme Parks Go All Out

What isn’t new at Florida theme parks this summer? This summer in Orlando there will be theme parks built only out of Lego bricks, a cheetah habitat with a zero to 60 mile per hour roller coaster, and the first new killer whale show in five years will be once again presented!

The Legoland Park will be located on the site of the old Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, only 45 minutes away from the larger parks in Orlando. This park built completely out of Legos will be the fifth in the world, and the first on the East Coast. The park will have four calm roller coasters, as well as the botanical gardens and water ski show that were always a part of Cypress Gardens.

Seaworld has said that more shows like the One Ocean one with Shamu are scheduled to open at SeaWord San Diego and SeaWorld San Antonio. SeaWorld told USA Today that the show “features majestic killer whales as ambassadors of the sea, and the ocean as the center of the universe. … At the core of the show is the unifying message that both animals and humans are part of one world, with one ocean, and its future is in our hands to cherish and protect.”

To much surprise, Tilikum, the orca whale that killed trainer Dawn Brancheau last year, is back at SeaWorld and has been presenting since April. Trainers have not yet been in the pools with the whales since the tragic accident, but the parks are upgrading safety facilities and getting the animals ready for their trainers.

Only an hour away over at Busch Gardens there is a new Cheetah Hunt roller coaster that launches riders from zero to 60 miles per hour in no time, three times during the ride. This roller coaster is a part of the Cheetah Run, a new animal habitat area. Here, visitors can get up close to the wild cats and witness their speed as trainers make them sprint.

More fun activities are sure to come soon!



Obama’s Approval Rating Looking Up

According to a Monday poll, President Obama’s approval rating has seen an increase of several percentage points in the last few months, rising from 48 percent in early April to the current rating of 54 percent. Although it seems that the president’s support within his own party has gone relatively unchanged, his approval rating amongst Republicans has seen a significant uptick of 12 percentage points. Most attribute this wave of good feelings toward the president as a result of the killing of Osama bin Laden. Obama’s approval rating has also gone up amongst the senior citizen demographic.

On the other hand, many Americans still disapprove of Obama’s handling of a bevy of domestic issues, such as health care, taxes, the deficit, etc. Obama’s recent approval rating improvement can thus be wholly attributed to his performance in foreign affairs, as well as several public appearances (e.g., the White House Correspondents’ Dinner) that have been positive for his image. While many still disapprove of his domestic policies, six in ten say that Obama “cares about people” and 55 percent claim that they believe he “shares their values,” indicating that while Obama’s policies may not be “working” for some right now, those people acknowledge that he is at least trying. Approval ratings can be as fickle as the wind, but this can only be a good thing for the president’s 2012 re-election bid, particularly in light of the relatively weak crop of GOP candidates.


Contains information from CNN.

Gadhafi “Ready for Cease-fire”

As the revolutionary struggle rages on in Libya, the incumbent government seems to be changing its tune. After talks with South African President Jacob Zuma, it appears that the Libyan autocrat is ready for an African Union-led cease-fire. Of course, this would require a cessation of military operations against the growing rebel movement in Benghazi, as well as of NATO air strikes, which have been peppering Tripoli and other sources of the long standing leader’s power base.

Shortly after meeting with President Zuma, explosions were heard in Tripoli, the result of air strikes on a former military site. Even if a cease-fire is successfully orchestrated, there has been no indication that Gadhafi (who has been in power for over 40 years) will be willing to step aside once the dust settles, a fact which would render a cease-fire a pointless venture. The Libyan opposition will not accept a proposition which–after all the bloodshed and destruction that has occurred–would allow Gadhafi to remain in power. It is obvious that Gadhafi is willing to exercise every effort and avenue of politicking to remain in power, even if that means temporarily admitting weakness via a flimsy, untenable cease-fire.



Contains information from CNN.

Bombings Rock Nigeria

A man injured in the May 30 Bauchi bombing

A Sunday night bombing in a market in Bauchi, a northern Nigerian city, killed 13 people and left 40 injured. A roadside bomb also detonated in Maiduguri at around 8 am, although no one was injured. These attacks occurred only hours after Goodluck Johnson was sworn in as president of Nigeria.

Mr Ihejirika, a lieutenant general in the Nigerian Army, said that “for now nobody is being suspected to have committed the offence given the types of explosives used. I can tell you that this act was carried out by terrorists, that’s all.”

The market is a popular drinking spot for military. Although no soldiers died in the attack, Mr Ihejirika says that police officers and friends and family of the military were affected.

The recent bombings are only part of an ethnic and religious strife that, according to the International Crisis Group, has killed more than 14,000 Nigerians since 1999. Most of the casualties have been in the northern regions, where Muslim and Christian populations struggle for political power.


Contains information from 234Next and IPS News.

Memorial Day weekend record

Americans around $280 million at the movies from Friday to Monday, surpassing the previous high Memorial Day record of $255 million set in 2007, and blowing the $192.7 million in 2010′s. That’s good news for Hollywood, which in late April the sales were down 17 percent and attendance had fallen 18 percent compared to the 2010.

This weekend theaters were packed. Leading the charge was “The Hangover Part II,” The movie earned $137.4 million over five days in North America, according to Warner Bros. the biggest debut for any R-rated comedy ever. But No film in 2011 has surpassed the $100 million mark domestically in its first three days of release, accomplished by 2 films “Toy Story 3″ and “Iron Man 2.”

The first “Hangover” was a surprise hit overseas, collecting $190 million. The second film is on its way toward that figure, having already taken in $59 million abroad this past weekend.

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