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Memorial Day weekend record

Americans around $280 million at the movies from Friday to Monday, surpassing the previous high Memorial Day record of $255 million set in 2007, and blowing the $192.7 million in 2010′s. That’s good news for Hollywood, which in late April the sales were down 17 percent and attendance had fallen 18 percent compared to the 2010.

This weekend theaters were packed. Leading the charge was “The Hangover Part II,” The movie earned $137.4 million over five days in North America, according to Warner Bros. the biggest debut for any R-rated comedy ever. But No film in 2011 has surpassed the $100 million mark domestically in its first three days of release, accomplished by 2 films “Toy Story 3″ and “Iron Man 2.”

The first “Hangover” was a surprise hit overseas, collecting $190 million. The second film is on its way toward that figure, having already taken in $59 million abroad this past weekend.

Tying the Knot?

Marriage for Pitt and Jolie? Maybe

Since the day Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, America has been hooked. The two have been playing house with their brood of six for many years and people are constantly questioning whether or not a marriage will ever occur.

Now the questioning may finally become a reality. The couple says that the children are starting to question when their parents will finally tie the knot. For oldest, Maddox, marriage between Pitt and Jolie is something that is slowly gaining importance, especially as the children get older. The two originally stated that a marriage between them would not occur until gay marriage became legalized, which may no longer hold true.

Although all Americans hope to see the spectacular wedding between the two, most assume they will go for a low-key island getaway. Brad and Angelina have not been one to flaunt or show off all that they have and would rather be seen giving back or serving the community. This is exactly why so many marvel at their unique relationship.

Striving for the Pefect Body

In today’s western culture, we’re always told what’s right and wrong, what’s good and bad. In most our minds skinny, toned, and/or muscular is the ideal body. Why is it that it’s unappealing, even called disgusting, if we have extra body fat or stretch marks? Why is that some men and women stopped engaging in aquatic activities, fearing that people won’t accept their bodies? Why can’t we as individuals accept who were are and be comfortable in our own skin?

Media advertises petite fit models, while hardly ever having an overweight model. We grow up seeing these images and perceive that they’re right.  We see television ads about men and women who take weight loss supplements. In these ads, there’s always a before and after picture, and a statement from a former customer saying how this changed their lives.  Of course, this is propaganda, because the company wants to sell their product, but is it worth incinerating the self-esteem of individuals who are/think they are overweight?

Plastic surgery is probably one of the best paying jobs in the medical field in major cities like Beverly Hills and Miami. Some say plastic surgery changed their lives. It may “change” your life, but the costly expense may also too. On average it’ll cost $5,350 for a tummy tuck, $3,888 for breast implants, and $2,700 for liposuction.

Many people will work out extensionally and hardly eat thinking they’ll lose weight. When actually doing this will slow your metabolism, thus you’ll gain weight then actually putting it off.

Being overweight can be a health risk, but you only live once. Why spend your life stressing over why you don’t have the ideal body? Instead, you should be comfortable with yourself and you’re body and live life to the fullest.

2011 Swimsuit Trends

Finding your perfect swimsuit this summer won’t be a problem at all. There are so many different patterns, designs, and “layouts” to choose from. This summer’s style report doesn’t discriminate against any type of swimsuit, except maybe one. Though plain is always simple, it may be best to keep tucked away in the closet.

This is the perfect year to find a swimsuit that’ll fit your personality and show off your individuality. Don’t be afraid to go retro. Dare to be different with an amazing variety of bright colors, unique patterns, details, and different styles. If you want to go plain, try to find a plain swimsuit that’s metallic, has ruffles, and is braided in the back; just something different that doesn’t make it just a plain top and bottom or one piece.

For more details visit: seventeen.com

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