E3′s Most Anticipated: Deus Ex

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gameplay

Although not as high-profile as huge video game franchises like Gears of War, Mass Effect or Half-Life, the upcoming X-Box 360 game Deus Ex: Human Revolution already has devoted fans. After a long development period, the game is in a state to be played through. The main story is meant to be completed in 25 hours. But testers have reportedly played the game six hours a week for six days a week, and most have still not beaten it.


Over the years, developers have tried to design games with a wide variety of gameplay options. But too often it fails. A tedious puzzle or out-of-place stealth mission can drag a whole game down. Human Revolution is that it genuinely does seem to have that delicate balance of hacking, stealth, combat and dialogue options open to you throughout. For example, the most recent trailer features hero Adam Jensen crawling into a vent, sneaking through a security laser grid, hacking a robot, and stabbing a guard.

But this trailer shows only a few of the gameplay possibilities.

“In the section with the laser grids, there are some parts where you can get in and shut them down,” says Eidos Montreal producter David Anfossi. “If you don’t have the cloaking augmentation, there’s a pattern you can follow around the room to avoid being detected by the lasers.”

“And there are alternate paths: in another room, you can break a wall and go around. Or you can climb in to the lift, if you have the proper augmentation or the proper tools. Or you can use an EMP grenade on the lasers without triggering the alarm.” Decisions, decisions… “There are even some guards talking that you can overhear,” chimes in writer Mary DeMerle, “and you hear them talking about a fault with the mechanisms behind the lasers – there’s a trick to bypass them entirely.”

Deus Ex: Human Revolution may be a dream come true for hardcore gamers seeking endless gameplay and challenge.

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  1. Jed Sanghez says:

    The only thing I could p35oint out is that you 56can hear the bass coming straight out of massive.

  2. Stan Tin says:

    Nice thread!I hadn’t forgotten about Marz Attack, but on the other hand I had never heard Gypsy Skank 8). Huge thread!23

  3. The only thing I could p16oint out is that you 55can hear the bass coming straight out of massive.

  4. I will put up the coki tracks soon!41

  5. clean and tight production, ni24ce drums – that’s all i can say)

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