Florida Theme Parks Go All Out

What isn’t new at Florida theme parks this summer? This summer in Orlando there will be theme parks built only out of Lego bricks, a cheetah habitat with a zero to 60 mile per hour roller coaster, and the first new killer whale show in five years will be once again presented!

The Legoland Park will be located on the site of the old Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, only 45 minutes away from the larger parks in Orlando. This park built completely out of Legos will be the fifth in the world, and the first on the East Coast. The park will have four calm roller coasters, as well as the botanical gardens and water ski show that were always a part of Cypress Gardens.

Seaworld has said that more shows like the One Ocean one with Shamu are scheduled to open at SeaWord San Diego and SeaWorld San Antonio. SeaWorld told USA Today that the show “features majestic killer whales as ambassadors of the sea, and the ocean as the center of the universe. … At the core of the show is the unifying message that both animals and humans are part of one world, with one ocean, and its future is in our hands to cherish and protect.”

To much surprise, Tilikum, the orca whale that killed trainer Dawn Brancheau last year, is back at SeaWorld and has been presenting since April. Trainers have not yet been in the pools with the whales since the tragic accident, but the parks are upgrading safety facilities and getting the animals ready for their trainers.

Only an hour away over at Busch Gardens there is a new Cheetah Hunt roller coaster that launches riders from zero to 60 miles per hour in no time, three times during the ride. This roller coaster is a part of the Cheetah Run, a new animal habitat area. Here, visitors can get up close to the wild cats and witness their speed as trainers make them sprint.

More fun activities are sure to come soon!



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