Remedial Help Needed for Many College Students

A report released by the Alliance for Better Education recently showed that many high school students with a good GPA are enrolling in remedial classes in college. The students have to take these remedial classes before they are able to take the required courses to complete their degree. For many, this adds additional costs to the already sky-high tuition rates, as well as longer time completing their degree.

The question to ask is who is to blame for the students remediation? High school teachers must be doing something in the classroom, but the question is what? When compared to students in China and India, American students rank much lower in test scores. In a country where everyone has the right to a free education, many students are not gaining enough knowledge out of it to prepare themselves for college. One thing is for certain, with remedial help being needed more frequently in colleges across America, the institutions are finding this as a way to make more money.

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