The (Almost) Perfect Crime

It looks like shows such as CSI and Law and Order really can be the helpful learning tools for those itching to pull off the “perfect” crime.

Jerry Ramrattan used to tell people he was a police officer, but really just spent a lot of time watching police dramas on television. In 2009, he deceived the New York Police Department by leaving clues that his ex-girlfriend, Seemona Sumasar (who had formerly accused him of rape), was involved in a string of armed robberies in Long Island and Queens. He created an elaborate story involving an Indian woman dressed as a police officer committing several armed robberies. Not only did Ramrattan leave these clues with police, but he also spoke to alleged “victims” of the robberies and told them information about his ex-girlfriend, such as her license plate number and description, to really make it seem like she was the one involved.

Apparently, Ramrattan learned how to do all of this from watching shows like Law and Order and was known to be somewhat of a television junkie, according to the New York Times. He had framed an innocent woman with absolutely no criminal background, and duped the NYPD into believing him. However, after seven months in jail an anonymous informant on Long Island informed officials that the robberies were made up, and Sumasar was set free.

Sumasar is out of jail, but has lost custody of her young daughter, and now has no home and business.

Ramrattan is being charged for perjury, but has pleaded not guilty to rape and conspiracy, and will have a trial on October 3 of this year.

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This article contains information from Huffington Post Crime.

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