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10 Lashes Punishment Revoked

Two days ago, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia announced that women were to have the right to vote, and then the court turned around and made the punishment of 10 lashes to a woman caught driving on her own in the city of Jeddah.  To many, such actions contradicted each other greatly in the movement for female empowerment.

King Abdullah revoked the court’s sentence after being met with much indignation throughout the kingdom over the planned punishment.  No official statement was made, but rather the news got out through a Tweet posted by Princess Amira al-Taweel, who happens to support the campaign for Women2Drive.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the Princess’s husband, has become vocal on the issue as well, stating the ban on female drivers is questionable and downright unnecessary, as the need for chaperoning male drivers only puts ‘additional burden on households.’  Doing away with this law and allowing women to drive would push the nation forward and allow for less foreign labor.

If King Abdullah approves of doing away with the ban, Saudi Arabia’s image could be much improved.

Cops Eat Confiscated Pot Brownies

After a 19-year-old man, Nicholas Hill, is arrested for possession of drugs, he claims that the three police officers involved in his arrest ate his pot brownies.  The claim is supported by a conversation between the officers that was recorded by the department’s communication system, as reported by ABC:

At 2:44 in the morning one officer writes, “So HIGH…Good munchies.”

The other writes back, “Everything should be open when we get done.”

First officer: “Two hours, max.”

“Probably, but this will take the whole shift.”

The Houston police officers were responding to a complaint of smelling marijuana smoke when the brownies were discovered.  They allegedly consumed the brownies and then returned to their shift.  The officers were warned of the brownies by Hill himself before they ate them.

Houston’s Police Department now has the three officers under investigation and will be testing them for drugs.  The investigation keeps the Hill case on hold until an outcome is revealed.


Where Have All the Missiles Gone?

Couple Steals $7,000 Worth of Copper to Pay for Wedding

According to an article in the Washington Post, a couple from western Pennsylvania stripped poles of copper wire to pay for their wedding.  The groom, Joseph Russell, lost his job prior to the wedding date and allegedly cut down the copper wire from 18 utility poles with his wife, April Carter.  The couple then sold the copper to a salvage company for money that went into their wedding fund.  The couple has a hearing on October 24 for theft and other charges for cutting down the wire from poles that would each cost $400 to fix.

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The Washington Post,

Protection for Unemployed

There are an estimated 14 million people unemployed in the United States today.  When applying for a job, this detail matters greatly.  There are citizens being discriminated against when they check off the unemployed box on a job application.

President Obama has plans to change this.  He is proposing a piece of legislation be passed to protect the unemployed from such discrimination.  The proposal would make such decisions unlawful for ‘a business of 15 or more employees’ to reject an applicant based on his/her unemployment status, as reported by the Seattle Times.

If anyone suspects they have fallen victim to such practices, the legislation would allow them the privilege of suing that employer.  The law would also ban any kind of advertisement that specified unemployed citizens need not apply.

With Obama’s new plan, the unemployed would become another protected category, on the same playing field as race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.

SAT Scandal

On Tuesday in New York, 19-year-old college student Sam Eshaghoff was arrested and charged for committing fraud.  Eshaghoff was caught charging six high school students a large amount of money for taking the SAT for them.

Eshaghoff, a “second year student at Emory University” demanded fees of up to $2,500 for the service of taking tests for the high school students.  This was not his first time doing so though.  The college student was caught after the high school, Great Neck North, considered to have great prestige, heard rumors of students cheating on the exam.

After reviewing records, administrators of Great Neck North found discrepancies between the six students’ test scores and their academic performance.  Eshaghoff could face up to four years in jail.  The six high school students were arrested on misdemeanor charges.

Great Things for Fall

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Fall is finally here! Which means, brighter colors outdoors, pumpkin picking, preparations for that spooky holiday and a cooler breeze in the air.  There are great things to do to make the best of the autumn season and some of them can be found here!

First, for information on the 11 best places in the country to see fall foliage, check out this article that includes places in Maine, New York and Montana.

Click here for information on great recipes that are great for families and dinner parties.

For easy homemade Halloween costumes, click here.

Last, but certainly not least, to check out the perfect pumpkin patch or haunted maze, click here to find the best halloween attraction near you.

Obama Speaks at Congressional Black Caucus

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President Barack Obama told those at the Congressional Black Caucus that they need to stop crying and complaining and instead to join him in the fight for jobs.

Obama gave a speech at the Caucus’ annual award dinner and it’s believed to be his answer to talking to black leaders.  Many of them have become unhappy with how much he’s been giving in to the GOP and how high black unemployment, which is at 16.7 percent.

Obama said in his speech that blacks need to align with him if they want things done for them.  He recognized that blacks have been hit the hardest from the recession, but that they need to put on their marching shoes to get results.

“Shake it off.  Stop complainin’.  Stop grumblin’.  Stop cryin’.  We are going to press on.  We have work to do,” Obama said to those at the dinner.

Evidence Was Not Collected for Six Weeks in Amanda Knox Case

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A video has been released that reveals critical evidence left at the crime scene of Meredith Kercher’s murder was not tested for over six weeks.

All of Kercher’s clothes were not taken as evidence and neither was the rock her attacker had thrown through a window to enter her and Amanda Knox’s flat.  These items were left alone until the second search was conducted 47 days later.

Some of the other evidence they did not collect includes a semen stain on Kercher’s pillow and a shoe stain of her killer.  Several of the previous evidence the police claimed they had, like Raffaele Sollecito’s DNA on Kercher’s bra clasp and Knox’s sweatshirt, have now been dismissed as evidence.

Fortunately for the police, a bloody handprint was left by killer, Rudy Guede, who is currently serving a 16 year sentence in jail.

Who is Herman Cain?

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Herman Cain, a candidate for the Republican presidential race, has been having a good week.  He just won a straw poll in Florida, which has correctly predicted the Republican nominee since it’s been held, and had a good performance on Thursday, Sept. 22, debate.  But, who is Herman Cain?

Cain, 65, is the former Godfather’s Pizza chief executive and is currently a popular radio host.  He grew up in Georgia and is an alum of Morehouse College.  Cain began in the food industry by rescuing Burger King’s in Philadelphia, then took over Godfather’s Pizza in 1986.

By the 1990s, Cain had begun being more involved in politics.  He worked for the Federal Bank of Kansas City in 1992 and was head of the National Restraunt Association from 1994 to 1999.

Cain left Godfather’s Pizza for good in 1996 to devote himself to politics.  However, his results were far from good.  He failed to win the GOP primary vote for a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia and dropped out of the 2000 presidential race.

What has helped Cain though now in his run for the GOP nomination is that he’s not afraid to speak his mind and can create catchy slogan’s.  His “9 9 9” economic plan has been a popular one.

But whether Cain wins the nomination or not, the exposure will surely help boost his radio show and book sales.

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