Former Michigan Attorney General Against Legalized Marijuana

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The former attorney general for Michigan, Mike Cox, recently admitted that although he had smoked marijuana in high school during the 1970s, he doesn’t believe that cannabis should be legalized.

Cox believes there are some problems with legalizing the drug and that he won’t support moves to do it in the states.

“I am not for it mostly because I don’t know how you regulate common, everyday things such as driving while impaired,” Cox said.

The Republican former attorney general was the keynote speaker during a daylong symposium held on Jan. 27.  The event was held at Wayne State University’s Law School and the social, economic, health and legal impacts of marijuana reform were discussed.

Cox said during his speech that he wants the Michigan Legislature to address the ambiguities in the medical marijuana law that was passed in 2008 by 63 percent of voters.

The former attorney general said he believes medical marijuana dispensaries are consistent with voter wants, although they aren’t directly authorized in the referendum that they approved.

The event came after activists had launched a petition drive urging people to sign for a constitutional amendment that would make marijuana legal for adults 21 and over.  Their effort needs to collect 322, 608 signatures by July 9 in order to qualify for the November ballot.  The drive has recruited around 2,000 volunteers around the state.

Despite these efforts, the current Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette outwardly opposes medicinal cannabis and claims that the whole business is a sham.  He also believes that medicinal cannabis is just a back door to legalization.

Since the approval of medical marijuana in 2008, around 130,000 patients have registered with the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

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