South Korean Girl Finally Removes Make-Up After Two Years

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A 20-year-old girl from South Korea finally removed her make-up after wearing it for over two years.

Bae Dal-mi discovered make-up when she was 14.  She began to develop her make-up talents and eventually became too dependent on it that she didn’t want to remove it.

Dal-mi continued to put on layers of make-up on her face daily for two years.  Her mirror became her best friend.

“I wanted to look perfect at all times, I even slept with the make-up on,” Dal-mi said.

Finally through with her daughter’s methods, Dal-mi’s mother contacted a TV station to help tell her story.  During a variety show, dermatologists finally convinced Dal-mi to remove her make-up.

After the removal of her makeup, the dermatologists performed a check-up on Dal-mi’s skin.  The doctors discovered that her skin had aged and was now two times older than her true age.

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