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College Student ‘Facebooking’ and Driving Dies in Crash

On Jan 14, a college student driving home on a quiet Idaho interstate  was Facebooking with a friend when her car crashed into a tanker truck, killing her instantly.

Taylor Sauer’s ironic last Facebook post read, “I can’t discuss this now. Driving and Facebooking is not safe! Haha.”

The tanker truck had been driving at 15mph on Interstate 84 when Taylor, 18, slammed into it at more than 80mph.

Phone records revealed she had been making posts every 90 seconds.

Advocating against texting and driving, Taylor’s parents are trying to get the government of their home state of Idaho to make laws against such acts.

Ray LaHood, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, announced a proposal last month for a set of guidelines that are, “not directly relevant to safely operating the vehicle, or cause undue distraction by engaging the driver’s eyes or hands for more than a very limited duration while driving.”


TODAY: Teen who died texting and driving

NFL Ethics, Saints Bounty

The NFL morality code is in question with the latest bounty system operated by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. During his time in New Orleans, Williams admitted to paying players to take others out. It seemed to work. The Saints won the Super bowl in 2010. It is pretty clear the Saints broke the rules. In no way can a bonus or award be given to a player outside of their contract, let alone to injure another player.

The game naturally encourages a reward system. In college, football teams give stars and pennants to high achieving players helmets. On Ohio State football team, to earn a star on your helmet you must  make a big plays or contribute positively to the team. Naturally, when so much money is in NFL sports, the helmet stars turn into money.

A bunch of guys in a locker room with lots of money breeds betting. ESPN’s Mike Golic acknowledged that money based incentives were given to players for sacks or interceptions or fumbles, but the Saints crossed the line by paying for injured players. To pay for injuries is malicious and so far away from being professional. It is embarrassing for the New Orleans Saints. Bad timing for a league that is trying to become a safer league.


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