Our Universe May Be Small Part of a Bigger Universe

Photo Credit: www.science.nationalgeographic.com

A new theory in the astronomy field is that our universe is only a small part of an enormous one.

Both Leonard Susskind, Professor of Physics at Stanford University, and Raphael Bousso, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of California at Berkeley, believe this new theory.

Susskind and Bousso have put forward this new idea, along with another that the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is equivalent.

Both Professors have proposed that it is possible to verify the predictions of quantum mechanics, which in theory, would be done if an observer performed an infinite number of experiments and observed the outcome of all of them.

With this theory, if the universe was to take this form, it could then carry out an unlimited amount of experiments within itself.  This would thus lead to our universe being part of a bigger one.

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