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Hollywood Could Be Hurting Tim Tebow

Photo Credit: www.inquisitr.com

Tim Tebow, who is the new quarterback for the New York Jets, may be too wrapped up in Hollywood. Tebow is known for his Christian image and plays on the field, but too much fame might be hurting him.

Tebow is currently signed to the sports division of the Hollywood agency CAA, which is one of the leading agencies in the business. Recently, the quarterback has been linked to some famous women, and has been featured in comic books and advertisements.

Hollywood agent Angie Meyer told foxnews.com that if Tebow does not keep a low profile, he could lose the respect of his teammates, fans, and coaches.

According to an insider, the New York Jets are trying to limit Tebow’s appearances and endorsements and keep his focus on the game. A source close to Tebow denies these allegations.

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Masters Make History

Photo Credit: www.golfchannel.com

The two leaders of the 76th Masters Tournament are not only 30 years apart, but each have their own unique story of how they became two of the best golfers at the tournament.

Fred Couples, 52, first played in the Masters in 1983, but did not win until 1992. This was only championship title to date. Couples seems to play better in the spring and at the Masters tournaments, which has been the case so far this year.

Rory McIllroy, 22, competed in the Masters just last year. In 2011, he was in the lead until Sunday, when he collapsed in the final round. McIllroy continued to hold his head high though, and won the U.S. Open Tournament just two months later.

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(Note: Today, Bubba Watson won the Masters Tournament.)

Woods Shoots Poorly in Second Round

Photo Credit: www.telegraph.co.uk

Tiger Woods, who was competing in the Masters, scored a disappointing 75 in the second round of the tournament. Just two weeks ago, Woods won the Arnold Palmer Invitational, where the golfer appeared much more composed and focused.

Woods’ last poor performance was this past August at the PGA Championships. That was only the third time in his career that Woods did not come out on top at a major championship.

During the 16th hole, Woods shot poorly, and proceeded to kick his club 10 feet backwards. Although Woods has cursed and thrown his clubs in the past, but has never been known to kick them. CBS-TV analyst Nick Faldo said that Tiger “officially…has lost his game…and his mind.”

In his comments afterward, Wood seemed more composed and told reporters that he could still be in it if he played well on Saturday. As of Friday night, he was ranked 40th, and eight strokes back from the leaders.

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