Companies Offer Great Employee Perks

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In order to attract as well as maintain talent, increasingly more companies are presenting unusual incentives, “perks” to their employees.

CNN and Forbes report that companies are not only providing free or discounted luxury services to their executives, but they are also extending such offers to individuals in lower levels of employment.

For transportation, Abercrombie & Fitch provides electric scooters for its employees to use around the campus, while S.C. Johnson changes its employees’ oil. Container Store located in Texas grants $5,000 to employees in exchange for ten years of safe driving.

Concerning dining perks, Microsoft allows its employees to have their pick out of 14 restaurants and pubs within the company mall. Also, Google gives free access to any of the 16 gourmet cafes to its employees for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Moreover, certain companies are covering medical expenses connected to childbirth and childcare. Specifically, American Century Investments covers medical bills up to $10,000 that are related to adoption and fertility treatment expenses. Also, Deloitte permits their employees to monitor their children through webcams.

Exercising and health enticements are listed among the perks, as well. Pixar Animation Studios is equipped with outdoor and indoor paths for running, a pool, and a gym, all for employee use. Finally, Cliff Bar provides a fitness center, two massages rooms, a dance studio, and a team of certified trainers and nutritionists to its employees.

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