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Man Attacks Elderly Woman with Shovel, Bath Salts to Blame

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Announce Divorce

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Actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have announced that they are divorcing.

Holmes filed for divorce on June 28, according to Cruise’s lawyer Bert Fields.

Amanda Lundberg, Cruise’s publicist, is urging people to respect “their privacy to work this out,” while Jonathan Wolfe, an attorney for Holmes, called the issue “a personal and private matter for Katie and her family.”

The couple had wed in Italy back in November 2006, which was just seven months after their daughter, Suri, was born.  As recently as the June edition of Playboy, Cruise, 49, had stated that he was still in love with Holmes, 33.

Cruise is perhaps one of the world’s most recognizable stars, with roles in such hits as Risky Business, Top Gun, and Jerry Macguire, while Holmes is best known for her role on the teen drama TV series Dawson’s Creek.

The two actors began dating in 2005, and months into their relationship Cruise had made headlines by jumping on a couch, expressing his love for Holmes, on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The marriage between Holmes and Cruise was her first and his third.  Previously, Cruise had been married to actresses Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman, and has two children with the latter.

Man Gets Headaches from Watching Porn

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A man who is plagued by headaches when he watches porn has resorted to taking painkillers before he watches the X-rated films.

In a new case study, a 24 year old unnamed “unmarried male software professional” complained of “severe, exploding” headaches.  His headaches would develop gradually and eventually peak around 10 minutes into the films.  He now has to take painkillers 30 minutes before watching the porn.

The case study, which was published in the June issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior, states that the man started to refrain from viewing porn in order to avoid the headaches.  Researches from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in New Dehli, India, published the study.

The cause for the man’s headaches, which is triggered only by porn and not by sex or masturbation, remains unclear.

Dawn Buse, an associate professor of neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and director of behavioral medicine at the Montefiore Headache Center in New York, believes that his condition is probably caused because “there’s no release.”

Buse stated that about 1 percent of the population, mostly men, get headaches that are associated with sexual activity.

Waitress Sues Breastaurant for Termination

University of Virginia President Reinstated Following 16 Day Protest

Miami “Cannibal” Toxicology Report Reveals New Info

Scientists Develop Ultra Fast WiFi

Los Angeles Deputy Smuggles Drug-Filled Burrito to Inmate

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A Los Angeles deputy was sentenced to two years in jail Monday after attempting to smuggle a heroin-filled burrito to a jail inmate.

Former deputy, Henry Marin, 27, pleaded no contest to the charges of the smuggling. As part of a plea deal, Marin was sentenced to two years in prison as opposed to three and the conspiracy charges were dropped.

According to a Los Angeles County Grand Jury indictment, Marin allegedly was conspiring with an undercover investigator regarding brining the drug-filled food item to the inmate locked up at Airport Branch Courthouse located in Los Angeles in February of 2010.

He later told authorities that he planned to inspect the burrito before giving it to the inmate and claimed to be unaware of the drugs inside.

Teenager Shoots Intruder, Saves Siblings

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A 14-year-old Phoenix boy was watching his younger siblings when things took a turn towards the unexpected on Friday.

The boy and his three brothers and sisters ages eight, 12 and 10, were home alone at their residence located 55th Avenue and Baseline.

While home, a woman rang the doorbell. The boy did not recognize the woman so he ignored it and continued to watch his siblings.

Soon after the ringing of the doorbell, the boy heard a bang on the door resulting in him rushing his siblings upstairs where the boy retrieved a handgun from his parent’s bedroom.

US Kids Held as Sex Slaves Rescued

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While the FBI worked alongside state and local authorities across the country, 79 minors being held as sex slaves were rescued.

During “Operations Cross Country,” raids on Thursday, Friday and Saturday rescued minors taken from 57 cities across the country.

Two of the minors were boys with the rest being girls. The youngest child, 13, explained being held as a sex slave since the age of 11-years-old, according to Kevin Perkins, head of the FBI’s criminal division.

The minors were lured into the situation by pimps through social media whom targeted children from dysfunctional families by offering them gifts, said Perkins.

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