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College Football Preview

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The Stakes are always high when the crimson tide square of against the tigers. And this game will be no different as a BCS appearance is on the line. Alabama who is ranked #1 in the BCS rankings is looking to defend their national championship title against the #5 LSU Tigers.

This will be no easy feat as Alabama has to head to Death Valley. LSU is 22-1 under Les Myles tenure as a head coach when they play at home. Nothing but revenge is on LSU mind as they got embarrassed in last years championship game, They where held to under 150 yards of total offense and didn’t even cross midfield until the 4th quarter . Alabama defense still proves to be dominate after most of their players went on to the NFL,Alabama only gives up 8.1 points a game #1 ranked defense in college football .LSU will have to find creative ways and try to slow down Alabama’s dominate defense, LSU has struggled to score in most of their games.

LSU will have to rely on mostly on their run game with the dynamic duo of Kenny Hillard & Micheal Ford, Zach Mettenberger still has yet to find his touch as his first season as LSU quarterback. Mettenberger through for 7 touchdown‘s and 4 picks this season Mettenberger has yet to prove he can be the savior of a stagnant passing game that LSU has, Alot weighs on his shoulders Saturday night

PREDICTIONS: Alabama 24, LSU 10







The Hurricane Sandy Aftermath


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Much of New York and New Jersey begin to regain normalcy just days after being hit by the Superstorm Sandy. The storm that ravaged the mid-Atlantic and the Northeast left a death toll of over 80 and about 4.6 million businesses and homes without power. Subways and buses started running again, unfortunately some parts of the city were hit harder than others leaving crowds of travelers unable to reach their destinations.

Sandy could cost as much as $50 billion in property damages and business losses, which makes it runner-up of the most costly storm, only being second to Hurricane Katrina. Residents, who are finally returning, try to contain their emotions as they learn what is left of their homes.

As a result of the power outages and safety concerns in the city, many residents have decided to flee the state. Shortages on food, pitch dark streets, and freezing temperatures have also caused an unsettled uproar in victims.

Many people affected by the storm are coming together to help provide needs to one another during this time. New York’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is making sure citizens have meals and bottled water distributed throughout neighborhoods around the city and estimates have been made that electricity should be returned by the upcoming Saturday.

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Education By Any Means

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After being a target of Taliban violence, a group of Pakistani school girls in Mingora refuse to let such a senseless act deter them from their rights to learn. The intentional actions of the Taliban, who gained power in 2007, came as an objection against women being educated. Amongst those impacted were hundreds of schools, students and teachers. Most schools felt as if there was no other choice but to comply and close their doors to female students.

However, there is a group of brave young women who refuse to allow such hatred to relinquish their human rights. Fifteen year old Malala Yousufzai is currently recovering after being shot in the head and neck for her activism in education. She became an advocate through a blog she wrote in 2009 under an alias about life underneath Taliban reign and how they opposed such educational rights.

Most of the girls affected have found ways to still attend school secretly. Yousufzai has inspired many of them to take a stance. After the events that transpired, Pakistanis from political and religious backgrounds have also come forward to denounce the Taliban.

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