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Explosion in Saudi Arabia kills 23 people

On Thursday a fuel truck crashed into a flyover in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi. This crash killed nearly 23 people, injured 135 people, set fire to vehicles nearby, and triggered a massive explosion that brought down an industrial building.

According to the Ekhbariya television news emergency workers are trying to search the building to find any survivors or victims.

The tragedy was named unintentional and to be an accident even though it occurred so closely to the headquarters of Saudi Arabian National Guard and the Prince Nayef Arab University. Neither of which were damaged.

The accident is being blamed on the driver of the tanker.

The warehouse which suffered from the explosion was several stories high. The rubble and debris falling from the building caused the surrounding buildings to suffer damages also.

The accident happened at 7:20 a.m. and an hour after fires were still blazing in cars and buildings.

When the accident was shown on television that evening viewers could see just how severe the damage had been. All of the burnt to a crisp vehicles were shown along with the charred bodies lying next to and still inside the vehicles.

Over 100 emergency worker are trying to search through the damage to help rescue people from the rubble of the exploded building.

Graham Spanier Charged With Cover-Up Charges

Thursday a whole new aspect of the Penn State scandal was revealed. Prosecutors charged former Penn State University president Graham Spanier, 64, with keeping mum about the allegations of Jerry Sandusky and his numerous counts of sexual-abuse amongst children. Two others were charged along with Spanier, Tim Culey and Gary Schultz, who already were found lying to a grand jury.

The state attorney general Linda Kelly believes this was no mistake. She explains, “This was a conspiracy of silence by top officials to actively conceal the truth.”

The idea of the charges being politically motivated was brought about by Spanier’s group of lawyers. They believe it has something to do with now Gov. Tom Corbett because he allegedly wants to, “divert attention away rom the fact that he failed to warn the Penn State community about the suspicions surrounding Jerry Sandusky.”

Both Curley and Schultz are maintaining their innocence until proven otherwise.

Kelly is saying that all three of the charged men, “knowingly testified falsely and failed to provide important information and evidence.”

Almost a year to the day of when Sandusky was arrested for the child-abuse scandal, Spanier was charged with perjury, obstruction, endangering the welfare of children, failure to properly report suspected abuse and conspiracy. And both Curley and Schultz now face new charged of endangering the welfare of children, obstruction and conspiracy.

Spanier was forced out of his 16-year stretch as university president following the Sandusky arrest in Nov. 2011 but remains a faculty member on a paid leave as of Thursday.

The state attorney general would not give a direct response on whether or not deceased former head coach Joe Paterno would have been charged if still alive.

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