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Job Layoffs Continue To Increase

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The number of layoffs by companies has increased to 41.1 percent in October. This increase is the highest the U.S. economy has seen in five months. Most jobs are being cut in U.S. owned auto plants in Europe, with a total of over 10,000 positions being cut.

Consultants from Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. reported a total of 47,724 planned job cuts in October which was a jump from September’s 33,816 job losses. Ford plans to lay off 10,900 of its employees in Belgium and the United Kingdom. The total layoffs for the year so far stand around 433,725 which are down from 521,823 at this same time period last year.

The months of October, November, and December typically see higher layoff activities and weaker third quarter earnings greatly contribute to that. Consumer product industries are calling 5,250 cuts whereas electronic companies are announcing 4,491 due to a slowdown in consumer and business spending.

This data comes shortly before the U.S. labor market report which will be expected to show modest job growth which was around 125,000 jobs from last month.

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China’s Increasing Wealth Gap May Create Issues for New Leaders

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Huang Nubo is a 56-year-old real estate developer who happens to be a billionaire. He grew up in poverty as a child but he now tops the Forbes’ list of the world’s wealthiest people containing both power and riches. Ten years ago he started with only one piece of property and now his company owns apartments, malls and resorts worldwide.

On the contrast, Jin Dengshan is a rural farmer living in the Henan Province of China and describes his life in one word “hard”. Dengshan, with his wife and three young children, live on less than $800 a year that they earn by selling mushrooms.

There are 128 million other Chinese citizens that have these same circumstances making less than $1.25 a day. As China begins to change its leadership this month, a growing divide between the rich and the poor is a challenge that will become the main focus.

On Nov. 8, China’s Communist Party began meeting, which is held once every 10 years, and by the end the people of China will be told who their new leaders are. The current President Hu Jintao gave China its greatest success yet in economic development, unfortunately the come up had a ripple effect.

Jin Xinzhen, a neighbor of Jin Dengshan who is also living in poverty, states that he is too poor to get married. He also stated that he and others in similar living conditions are “like 1,000 miles away from the rich and we couldn’t catch up if we had a rocket”.

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Iran Attacks U.S. Drone

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Last week officials from the Pentagon reported that Iran fired at an unarmed U.S. drone that was hovering in international airspace. The flying craft was located 16 nautical miles off the coast of Kuwait in international waters, and never entered the 12-mile limit that would constitute Iranian territory.

George Little, a spokesperson on the incident that occurred Nov. 1 at approximately 4:50 a.m., stated that this is the first time Iranians have fired on a U.S. Drone. The MQ1 Predator drone was conducting “routine surveillance” near the Persian Gulf and had not intruded in Iranian airspace.

Two Iranian jets fired at the drone twice, fortunately failing to hit the craft on both attempts. Following the attack, the drone moved further away from the Iranian coast and landed safely at a location that cannot be disclosed. However, the Iranian jets did attempt to pursue the drone for a short distance.

When questioned about how the U.S would respond to the attacks, Little has stated that the U.S. has “a wide range of options from diplomatic to military”. U.S. government officials have already begun protesting to the Iranians.

Financial sanctions have been put into place “related to the Iranian government’s human rights abuses, support of terrorism and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps”.

The U.S. will continue running its surveillance missions in the area.

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Mother of Ariel Winter Claims She Found Daughter in Bed with 18-Year-Old Boyfriend

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Chris Workman, mother of Modern Family actress Ariel Winter, claims that her 14-year-old daughter requested for a new guardian after she caught her in bed with her 18-year-old boyfriend.

Workman told Celebuzz.com that she doesn’t approve of Winter’s sexual relationship with her boyfriend, who is a legal adult, and even reported the incident to authorities.

The Oct. 6 police report states that Workman found Winter in bed with her boyfriend, Cameron Palatas, around 10 p.m. on Sept. 24 inside her Montrose, Calif. home.  The report cites “possible unlawful sex with a minor.”

Winter and Palatas have been dating for around five months, and Workman has attempted to break them up because of the age difference.

Aside from this incident though, Winter’s has been in the guardianship of older sister Shanelle Gray since October, due to claims that Workman has slapped and mentally abused her daughter.

Workman claims that she never did such a thing, and the reason behind this is that Winter’s wants to be with her boyfriend.

Winter’s next guardianship hearing will be on Nov. 20.

Lohan Cancels Barbara Walters Interview, May Face Criminal Charges

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Lindsay Lohan has canceled her interview with Barbara Walters, amid a new criminal case against her.

The interview had been set to air on ABC News’ 20/20 on Nov. 16 to help promote her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s “Liz & Dick” movie, premiering on Nov. 25.

The deal between the two fell apart after producers made it clear that Walters planned to ask Lohan, 26, about her personal life.

Lohan has recently been in the headlines for various incidences, including a hotel scuffle with a Congressional staffer, a recording of a spat with mom Dina Lohan, and a new report states that she may be charged with lying to the police.

The Santa Monica City Attorney’s office is currently on the verge of charging Lohan with a misdemeanor of misleading the cops.  She had previously told the police that she was in the passenger seat during her car crash last June, however she had a seatbelt mark on the left side of her neck, which indicates she was behind the wheel.

If found guilty, Lohan, who is still on probation for her 2011 necklace theft case, could end up back behind bars.

(Breaking News) Lakers Hire Mike D’Antoni


Lakers hire D’antoni in a surprising move this morning, It seemed to most people Phil Jackson was the man for the job. Lakers Interviewed Jackson Saturday saying it was his job to lose. It was reported that Jackson would accept coaching gig in fact Phil Jackson agent was headed to L.A. this morning to negotiate the deal but before that happened Lakers called Phil Jackson  and told him that they decided to go in another direction.Jackson who wanted full control of basketball operations and restrictions on him having to travel to away games due to his health.

Nash and D’Antoni won at least 54 games each season and reached two Western Conference finals — and they eliminated Bryant’s Lakers from the first round of the playoffs in 2006 and 2007, still the only first-round exits of Kobe’s 17-year career.

D’Antoni then coached New York to just one playoff appearance and no postseason victories. He also coached the Denver Nuggets during the lockout-shortened 1998-99 season.

But his NBA accomplishments can’t measure up to Jackson, who won five titles and reached seven NBA finals during two stints totaling 11 seasons with Los Angeles.

Jackson according to sources was shocked that they Lakers went with D’antoni.Its safe to say everybody was shocked by this move.

I love PJ but I’m very excited about D’Antoni,” Kobe Bryant told ESPN early Monday.

Bryant idolized D’Antoni while growing up in Italy, where D’Antoni was a star player for Olimpia Milano in the Italian pro league. D’Antoni also has been an assistant coach on various U.S. national teams featuring Bryant, including the gold medal-winning squad at the London Olympics.


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