Mother of Ariel Winter Claims She Found Daughter in Bed with 18-Year-Old Boyfriend

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Chris Workman, mother of Modern Family actress Ariel Winter, claims that her 14-year-old daughter requested for a new guardian after she caught her in bed with her 18-year-old boyfriend.

Workman told that she doesn’t approve of Winter’s sexual relationship with her boyfriend, who is a legal adult, and even reported the incident to authorities.

The Oct. 6 police report states that Workman found Winter in bed with her boyfriend, Cameron Palatas, around 10 p.m. on Sept. 24 inside her Montrose, Calif. home.  The report cites “possible unlawful sex with a minor.”

Winter and Palatas have been dating for around five months, and Workman has attempted to break them up because of the age difference.

Aside from this incident though, Winter’s has been in the guardianship of older sister Shanelle Gray since October, due to claims that Workman has slapped and mentally abused her daughter.

Workman claims that she never did such a thing, and the reason behind this is that Winter’s wants to be with her boyfriend.

Winter’s next guardianship hearing will be on Nov. 20.

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