Georges St. Pierre Wins in a Unnamious Decision-In his Return back to the UFC


Montreal- Georges St-Pierre returned to action for the first time in 18 months and defeated interim titleholder Carlos Condit by unanimous decision at UFC 154 on Saturday night.

Pierre was in control for most of the fight taking Condit down a lot and landed several elbows and punches. Condit had a Bright moment too when he dropped St-Pierre with a left head kick. but wasn’t quick to capitalize on that and Pierre got up.A left elbow opened a nasty cut above Condit’s right eye in the first round. St-Pierre used an elbow in the second round to widen the same cut.Through out the fight Condit was bloody.But overall it was a decent fight by Condit but it wasn’t  enough against the welterweight champion.

For more recap on the fight click link below

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