Egypt Shares Tumble on Gaza as Israel Gains Amid Truce Bets

With the down fall of the economy, some shares have been spirally downhill. Egypt is a prime example of how things can go downhill. Egypt has been struggling with their government and controlling the public with Israels attack on Gaza.President Mohamed Mursi has been struggling with losing his supporters. Stocks have fallen because of various attacks, with the latest of a train wreck. The accumulation of negative news is hurting the stocks, peaks, and a future of a treaty.Israel’s TA-25 (TA-25) Index gained 1.4 percent, the most since Oct. 2, to 1,198.38, at the market close in Tel Aviv. “There are reports of cease-fire talks,” Richard Gussow, senior analyst at Tel Aviv-based DS Securities & Investments Ltd. “Investors see the military action coming to an end and are coming back into the market.”


Egyptian supporters and opponents of President Mohamed Morsi clash in the Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria on November 23, 2012. Opponents set fire to Muslim Brotherhood offices in three Egyptian cities, state television reported, as rival rallies gathered nationwide a day after Morsi assumed sweeping powers.


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