False Rape Accusations Birth a Friendship

Photo Credit: apps.carleton.edu

“I Didn’t Do It,” a show that airs on Discovery ID, recently covered a story about Jennifer Thompson and Ronald Cotton. Jennifer Thompson wrongly accused Cotton of raping her in 1984, though she did not do it on purpose. She had an unwavering certainty that  Ronald Cotton was her attacker and succeeded in convincing two juries he was.

Cotton was sentenced to life behind bars in North Carolina in both his trial and a re-trial. During the  re-trial, a second victim claimed Cotton raped her as well. Cotton never stopped pleading his innocence.

Cotton served eleven years into his sentence, when he asked for new DNA testing technology to be used. This was the factor that proved him to be innocent and released in 1994. Thompson and Cotton met after his release so she could apologize.

Thompson and Cotton have since developed a close relationship and have been working together as advocates for the falsely accused. The two wrote a book about their unusual shared experience.

Cotton was awarded restitution for his time served, and started a family, but has unfortunately fallen on hard times since suffering a stroke.

Cotton also identified Thompson’s real attacker, Bobby Poole, who was an imate in the same facility as Cotton.

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