Gaberiel Aubry Get into a Dispute

Gabriel Aubry, who was know  for dating Halle Berry, was taken to the hospital after a dispute. As sources have stated, Gabriel was dropping off their daughter when Halle Berry’s  fiance, Olivier Martinez  had made a comment about them moving on. Gabriel did not like the comment, so he took matters into his own hands. He struck Martinez in the arm, by the end of the fight both was taken to the hospital at different times. Aubry suffered broken ribs, while  Martinez suffered  neck injuries.

gty gabriel aubry mi 121122 wblog Halle Berrys Ex, Gabriel Aubry, Hospitalized, Arrested After Fight With Her Fiance, Olivier Martinez

After the hospital had discharge Aubry, he was taken into custody and was charged only a misdemeanor.His bail was set at 20,000 and now there has been an emergency protective  order to keep him away until Dec.3. This custody battle has been devastating for the actress. Halle Berry was denied a request,that she can move her daughter to France. Aubry stated,”If she did that,he would lose the bond of his daughter.” This has been a migraine for both Aubry and Halle. This need to be resolved in a manner that both parties can agree and be in their daughter’s life.





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