Janitor’s Double Life Ended With Bullets


Photo Credit: jobs.aol.com

Michael Webb, 56, was viewed as the go-to Mr. Fix-It at the LA Fitness gym in Deerfield Beach, Fla. where he worked. Sean Lynch, the gym’s general manager, had nothing but positive things to say about Webb.

Unfortunately, the truth about Webb surfaced on Nov. 2 after he led authorities on a high speed chase that followed the bank robbery. This was his sixth attempt in recent months. Police stated that Webb was one of the most “prolific serial bank robbers in South Florida,” according to a local newspaper.

Webb reportedly had a history of crime, including one stretch between 1989 and 1990, in which he robbed seven banks throughout South Florida. He robbed one bank in the area for $100,000, before being captured and imprisoned.

Authorities reported that Webb hopped over a bulletproof glass partition at a Chase Bank in Pampano Beach, Fla., before heading off in a getaway car. Police caught up with Webb on I-95 and Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy German Bickbau rammed Webb’s car from behind, forcing Webb to roll out of it. Two deputies then fired at Webb resulting in his death.

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