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Missing girl with leukemia found in Mexico, situation still raising concerns

Since late last Wednesday, Phoenix, Az., police have been searching for 11 year old Emily Bracamontes and her mother, Norma, who went missing from Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Today, NBC News reported that Emily and her mother are currently in Mexico, and Emily is receiving the treatment she needs.

Emily and her mother, Norma, walk down the hallway in Phoenix Childrens’ Hospital on Wednesday night. Photo credit Phoenix Police Department/NBC News

Emily was being treated at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital for over a month, receiving chemotherapy to help with her leukemia. While in the hospital, the young girl also contracted a bad infection, which resulted in the amputation of her right arm.

Phoenix area police began a search that following morning after receiving word that Emily and her mother had left the hospital. They left the day before Emily was supposed to be discharged.

Today, Emily’s father, Luis Bracamontes, told NBC News, “She’s well, she’s fine. She is in very good hands now.” Unfortunately, he declined to reveal any other important information.

This newly discovered information, however, has not eased the mind of Sgt. Steve Martos in Phoenix.

Emiliy and her mother are seen exiting the children’s hospital on Wednesday night. The two left the hospital the night before Emily’s expected discharge. Photo credit Phoenix Police Department/NBC News

“There is a criminal element to this from the standpoint that we don’t know the motive or the reason why the mom removed Emily from the hospital,” said Sgt. Steve Martos to NBC News. “We’ve been told by doctors that the minute the little girl gets an infection, certainly just a matter of days, could result in her death.”

When Police began their search, there was talk of Norma possibly facing criminal negligence if they could not find Emily. Martos did not deny that there would be criminal charges, but their highest priority is finding Emily and keeping her safe.

Phoenix Children’s Hopsital is also deeply concerned for Emily and released a statement that said: “Phoenix Children’s Hospital is deeply concerned about Emily’s safety and well-being. If Emily’s family has questions about her care, we encourage open communication and discussions of options with the care team.  Clinical decisions are not based on ability to pay.”

Both Norma and Luis have stated they have no intentions of bringing Emily back to Phoenix, but ensure that she is both happy and healthy receiving treatment in Mexico.

For more information on this breaking news story, you can also visist CBS News.

Common Household Products Leading to Diabetes?

Photo credit: blogs.babble.com

New reports from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have found that phthalates, a chemical present in beauty products like nail polish, hair spray, skin lotions, and perfumes and household products, including raincoats, shower curtains, and food packaging might have some newly discovered side effects, including possibly contributing to chemical causes of diabetes.

In one recent study of people at age 70, significantly higher levels of phthalates were found in the people with diabetes than in those without diabetes. Earlier research found that phthalate levels are typically higher in women than men, perhaps because women generally use more personal care and beauty products. Phthalates in beauty products can generally be inhaled or absorbed through the skin. They may be a chemical cause linked to adult-onset diabetes by binding to fat cells and increasing obesity, which is a major risk factor. They may also increase resistance to insulin in the body, especially in women.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to avoid phthalates in beauty products because companies that use them make claims that they are trade secrets and do not have to list them on their labels. Europe has already begun to ban many types of phthalates. Subsequently, more research is needed before a definite link can be made between phthalates and diabetes risk. Researchers are also still looking at the possible effects of phthalates on childhood obesity and comparing phthalate exposure in cosmetics to other exposures.

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Apple’s Dedication to Improve Has Left One without a Job

Photo credit: pocketnow.com

Apple’s Senior Vice President, Eddy Cue has reportedly fired Richard Williamson, a manager who oversaw the Maps team. This was a result of Apple’s efforts to repair the errors that consumers had negative reactions to regarding the iOS maps app. It has also been reported that Cue intends to “build confidence in the program” as a way to give Apple more lead way in the ongoing race with Google, who is gearing up to release its own map app for Apple’s mobile OS. Cue intends to replace Williamson with an entirely new management team overseeing Maps, even going so far as to look for and recruit ex-Google Maps talent to help with the improvement of its maps services.

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Grieving Mother Takes on the Role of Advocate

Photo credit: missingharry.blogspot.com

Niki Cunningham, 29, of Devon, England, expected her pregnancy to go well. Unfortunately, she had to have an emergency C-section three weeks earlier than her due date because of her unknown condition at the time, Vasa Previa. This condition can make the umbilical cord rupture during labor. In Cunningham’s case bleeding led to brain damage and organ failure. Twenty-six hours later, her son, Harry was pronounced dead.  Cunningham suffered two episodes of bleeding during her pregnancy but was sent home each time. After Harry’s death she did some research. “It is heartbreaking to discover all it would have taken was an extra two minutes to check and Harry would be here with me now,” she stated.

Cunningham started a campaign to raise awareness of Vasa Previa called the Harry Cunningham Trust. Her aim is to give other babies the chance Harry never had by pressuring Britain’s national health care program to provide for a routine ultrasound screening to detect Vasa Previa. Vasa Previa occurs in around 1 out of every 2,500 pregnancies according to the International Vasa Previa Foundation. Babies born to moms with the condition are much more likely to die, but a proper diagnosis and an elective Caesarean section will easily prevent unnecessary deaths.

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Paralyzed Dogs Able to Walk Again After Nose Cell Transplant

Photo Credit: lifewithdogs.tv

A 10-year-old Dachshund named Jasper was wheeled around in a trolley by his owner and dog lover, May Hay, because his hind legs were paralyzed after being hit by a car. By miracle, Jasper is able to walk again. Jasper’s recovery is attributed to researchers who took some cells from Jasper’s nose and implanted them in his injured spine.

Jasper was one of 34 other dogs with paralyzed hind legs that participated in this randomized, double-blind study at Cambridge University in England. Researchers’ first collected olfactory ensheathing cells from the dogs’ noses, cultured them in Petri dishes for three to five weeks and then injected them into the dogs’ spines. The olfactory ensheathing cells are thought to be special because they communicate between the central and peripheral nervous systems, allowing smell signals to travel directly to the brain as well as them having regenerating properties unlike other cells in the nervous system. The scientists assessed the dogs’ mobility on treadmills before and after the treatment, discovering that the cells did not exactly restore communication between the brain and the hind legs, but somehow restored mobility and coordination to the legs. Some state that they are not exactly sure of how they achieved the success that they saw.

None of the dogs that received the nose cells had any adverse health effects. Even with these advancements researchers are still a long way from restoring spinal function in humans however this is a giant step in the right direction. The results are now published in Brain, a neurology journal.

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Former Pageant Winner Chooses Life over Beauty

Photo Credit: foxnews.com

Allyn Rose, 24, is no stranger to the pageant world having won her current title of Miss District of Columbia 2012 as well as being the first Miss Sinergy and Miss Maryland USA 2011.

During her competitions she always gave a voice to breast cancer prevention which was a personal fate of hers. When Rose was just 16 years old, she lost her mother to breast cancer. She has also recently announced that she will undergo a preventative surgery preforming a double mastectomy. Rose said her mother’s own decision not to remove both breasts is what ultimately took her life.

The pageant winner is the carrier of a gene that she says has a 75 percent chance of causing breast cancer in women who carry it. She goes on further to state that almost all of the women in her family have passed away from the disease. Only three years away from the age her mother was first diagnosed, Rose has looked to fellow Marylander and breast cancer survivor Giuliana Rancic for inspiration and, like Rancic, plans to use this experience to educate others. ”Breasts don’t define your life. I’m choosing life over beauty,” she said.

Rose will be representing D.C. in the Miss America 2013 pageant and states that her surgery will take place in January 2014 if she wins the crown. If she loses, she will schedule the surgery for next June.

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The NFL is Going Electronic

Photo Credit: topnews.ae

The National Football League (NFL) has officially linked together with the Westboro based electronic health records company, eClinicalWorks, in order to transition from paper to electronic. The NFL will be utilizing eClinicalWorks comprehensive solution in order to “maintain a leadership role in sports medicine developments,” as stated by Dr. Tony Yates, the president of the NFL Physicians Society and member of the EMR Committee for the NFL. The NFL is constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance their organization, so the new partnership with eClinicalWorks was only a perfect fit for the league.


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Wizards take down Heat for 2nd Win of the Season



Other then Washington Redskins , there is  nothing else  to be excited for in that city.But last night there something to cheer about other then the Redskins. The Wizards who are the NBA’s worst team this year so far with a ( 1-10 ) record went up against the defending champs Miami Heat in a match up that everyone thought it would be a easy stroll.Well everyone was wrong, Wizards prevailed 105-101 despite Lebron James triple double. I know this is only the regular season but this gave Wizards and its fan to be happy about.

The Wizards don’t defeat many teams, but they defeat the Heat: This made it three consecutive regular-season victories for Washington over Miami, including two last season in April.

The Wizards improved to 2-13, earning their second win in the past three games after starting a franchise-worst 0-12.

“I’m so happy for those guys,” said Wittman, who called this perhaps the most satisfying victory of his coaching career.

Zynga, Inc. stocks fall 12% after contract revision with Facebook, Inc.

Photo credit: Kotaku.com

Zynga Inc. suffered a devastating loss when their shares fell 12 percent in after-hours trading on Nov. 29. This drop in shares occurred soon after Zynga and Facebook Inc., revised their agreements, changing their relationship status to “It’s complicated.”

With games that ranged from “FarmVille” to “Words with Friends,” Zynga has created large variety of popular games that have exploded on the Facebook network.  Now, through the newly revised contract, Zynga and Facebook will be almost completely independent of one another, according to The Washington Post.

This will mean that Zynga is no longer required to have Facebook advertisements in their game play and will no longer make Facebook their exclusive social networking site.

Michael Patcher, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, told Wall Street Journal Market Beat blogger, Steven Russolillo, that, “Zynga now has an incentive to expand the reach of its most popular social games beyond Facebook and Zynga.com and be able to offer additional payment options, likely resulting in additional payers who are not Facebook users.”

The original agreement, which was filed in 2010, also prohibited Facebook from making it’s own games. With the current revisions, by March 2013 Facebook will be able to create and develop their own games. However, according to the Market Beat blog, Facebook has no current intentions of developing their own games.

While the numbers may not be showing the glass half-full for Zynga, both Zynga and the analysts feel that this move will, in the end, be extremely beneficial for the company to grow and expand to other media platforms.

First Powerball winner steps forward, mystery man could be second

Mark and Cindy Hill stand the three of their four children in Dearborn, Mo., after being awarded the Powerball check. Photo credit: Orlin Wagner/AP

On Nov. 28, the Powerball jackpot was a record $588 million, making it the largest Powerball jackpot in U.S. history. Lottery officials told multiple sources that only two tickets had the matching jackpot numbers. The winning numbers are: 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and Powerball of 6.

Lottery officials also told the public that the two winners came from Phoenix and Missouri. The stores in question were Trex Mart convenience store in Dearborn, Mo., and 4 Sons Food Store in Fountain Hills, Az.

Until yesterday, the two winners had remained anonymous. This changed on Nov. 30, when the Dearborn, Mo., winner stepped forward to claim their half of the Powerball jackpot.

At the Trex Mart convenience store in Dearborn, the first lucky winners, Mark and Cindy Hill, could not be more thrilled to claim their half of the lottery.

“I keep thinking this is a dream. Wake up you know, because it’s just hard to imagine,” said Shirley Hill, mother of Mark, to Fox 6 reporters in Springfield, Mo.

The second suspected winner was found roughly 2,000 miles from Arizona in Upper Marlboro, MD. While there has been no official confirmation the ticket is real, NBC News reported that multiple sources confirmed it was in fact a legitimate ticket from Arizona.

Arizona lottery officials also stated that in order for the ticket to be redeemed for the cash prize, it must be done in Arizona.

Even though Mark and Cindy are reaping the benefits of their newly acquired fortune, approximately 9 million other players cashed in prizes that ranged from a couple dollars to one million dollars.

This should not come as a surprise, because with the largest Powerball jackpot the lottery has ever seen, the amount of tickets sold were sure to shatter records. According to ABC News, lottery tickets were sold at an astonishing rate of 130,000 per minute the week of the multi-million jackpot. This is almost six times the amount sold during any of the previous weeks.

Both stores that won the winning tickets will also be receiving a reward of their own. The Trex Mart in Dearborn, and the 4 Sons Food store in Fountain Hills will be receiving $50,000 for the two winning tickets.

The jackpot had rolled over 16 consecutive times before finding the two jackpot winners. Now that the winning tickets have been bought, the jackpot will reset itself at the minimum amount for the next drawing.

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