First Powerball winner steps forward, mystery man could be second

Mark and Cindy Hill stand the three of their four children in Dearborn, Mo., after being awarded the Powerball check. Photo credit: Orlin Wagner/AP

On Nov. 28, the Powerball jackpot was a record $588 million, making it the largest Powerball jackpot in U.S. history. Lottery officials told multiple sources that only two tickets had the matching jackpot numbers. The winning numbers are: 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and Powerball of 6.

Lottery officials also told the public that the two winners came from Phoenix and Missouri. The stores in question were Trex Mart convenience store in Dearborn, Mo., and 4 Sons Food Store in Fountain Hills, Az.

Until yesterday, the two winners had remained anonymous. This changed on Nov. 30, when the Dearborn, Mo., winner stepped forward to claim their half of the Powerball jackpot.

At the Trex Mart convenience store in Dearborn, the first lucky winners, Mark and Cindy Hill, could not be more thrilled to claim their half of the lottery.

“I keep thinking this is a dream. Wake up you know, because it’s just hard to imagine,” said Shirley Hill, mother of Mark, to Fox 6 reporters in Springfield, Mo.

The second suspected winner was found roughly 2,000 miles from Arizona in Upper Marlboro, MD. While there has been no official confirmation the ticket is real, NBC News reported that multiple sources confirmed it was in fact a legitimate ticket from Arizona.

Arizona lottery officials also stated that in order for the ticket to be redeemed for the cash prize, it must be done in Arizona.

Even though Mark and Cindy are reaping the benefits of their newly acquired fortune, approximately 9 million other players cashed in prizes that ranged from a couple dollars to one million dollars.

This should not come as a surprise, because with the largest Powerball jackpot the lottery has ever seen, the amount of tickets sold were sure to shatter records. According to ABC News, lottery tickets were sold at an astonishing rate of 130,000 per minute the week of the multi-million jackpot. This is almost six times the amount sold during any of the previous weeks.

Both stores that won the winning tickets will also be receiving a reward of their own. The Trex Mart in Dearborn, and the 4 Sons Food store in Fountain Hills will be receiving $50,000 for the two winning tickets.

The jackpot had rolled over 16 consecutive times before finding the two jackpot winners. Now that the winning tickets have been bought, the jackpot will reset itself at the minimum amount for the next drawing.

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