Missing girl with leukemia found in Mexico, situation still raising concerns

Since late last Wednesday, Phoenix, Az., police have been searching for 11 year old Emily Bracamontes and her mother, Norma, who went missing from Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Today, NBC News reported that Emily and her mother are currently in Mexico, and Emily is receiving the treatment she needs.

Emily and her mother, Norma, walk down the hallway in Phoenix Childrens’ Hospital on Wednesday night. Photo credit Phoenix Police Department/NBC News

Emily was being treated at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital for over a month, receiving chemotherapy to help with her leukemia. While in the hospital, the young girl also contracted a bad infection, which resulted in the amputation of her right arm.

Phoenix area police began a search that following morning after receiving word that Emily and her mother had left the hospital. They left the day before Emily was supposed to be discharged.

Today, Emily’s father, Luis Bracamontes, told NBC News, “She’s well, she’s fine. She is in very good hands now.” Unfortunately, he declined to reveal any other important information.

This newly discovered information, however, has not eased the mind of Sgt. Steve Martos in Phoenix.

Emiliy and her mother are seen exiting the children’s hospital on Wednesday night. The two left the hospital the night before Emily’s expected discharge. Photo credit Phoenix Police Department/NBC News

“There is a criminal element to this from the standpoint that we don’t know the motive or the reason why the mom removed Emily from the hospital,” said Sgt. Steve Martos to NBC News. “We’ve been told by doctors that the minute the little girl gets an infection, certainly just a matter of days, could result in her death.”

When Police began their search, there was talk of Norma possibly facing criminal negligence if they could not find Emily. Martos did not deny that there would be criminal charges, but their highest priority is finding Emily and keeping her safe.

Phoenix Children’s Hopsital is also deeply concerned for Emily and released a statement that said: “Phoenix Children’s Hospital is deeply concerned about Emily’s safety and well-being. If Emily’s family has questions about her care, we encourage open communication and discussions of options with the care team.  Clinical decisions are not based on ability to pay.”

Both Norma and Luis have stated they have no intentions of bringing Emily back to Phoenix, but ensure that she is both happy and healthy receiving treatment in Mexico.

For more information on this breaking news story, you can also visist CBS News.

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