Final 4 of The Voice decided after shocking eliminations

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The Voice stunned America when two fan favorites were sent home on Tuesday. Both Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown have been sent packing.

Melanie Martinez, known for her gothic style and her subtle emphasis on Hello Kitty, had the best performance of since being on the show the week before. Singing what was dubbed as “her strongest vocal yet, a smoky, jazzy rendition of Fiona Apple’s ‘Criminal’” with fellow contestant Nicholas David, it seemed strange that she would go home.

Regardless of Martinez’s singles getting sold on iTunes faster than most of the other competitors, America did not give her enough votes to move on the next round.

As for Amanda Brown, the shock may not still have set in for all viewers. People were stunned she went home, but trying to figure out who could have gone home before her was somewhat of a difficult task. It seemed that fans wished they could have kept Brown just one more week, because if she had stayed she could have made it to the top.

The Final 4 on The Voice are Terry McDermott, Trevin Hunte, Cassadee Pope, and Nicholas David. Next week, the semi-finals begin on Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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