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Caleb Moore Dies After Winter X Games Crash

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Just one week after crashing his snowmobile during a Winter X Games event, Caleb Moore has died.

Moore, who crashed after performing a backflip during a freestyle event when the skis of his snowmobile dug into the snow and sent him over the handlebars, was only 25.

The competitor had walked away from the crash and was treated for a concussion, but his condition worsened.  He developed bleeding around his heart and a complication involving his brain.

The fatality is the first in the Winter X Games’ 17-year history, and has raised questions about safety at the event.

“As a result of this accident we will conduct a thorough review of this discipline and adopt any appropriate changes to future X Games…when the world’s best compete at the highest level in any sport, risks remain.  Caleb was a four-time X Games medalist attempting a move he has landed several times previously,” ESPN, which organizes and televises the X Games, said in a statement.

David Beckham Signs with French Soccer Team

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David Beckham has signed with a soccer team in France.

The former England captain and Los Angeles Galaxy star, 37, just signed with Paris Saint-Germain, a team that has been courting him for more than a year.  Beckham signed with them after receiving some 12 offers from clubs around the world.  The deal is for five-months and will expire on June 30.

A press conference was held at the club’s Parc des Princes stadium on the morning of Jan. 31.  The soccer player said, “I consider myself to be part of this club in the future – in helping this club to grow… in helping the French league to grow and also helping this club to be one of the biggest powerhouses in football.”

His wife Victoria and four children will not be moving to France with him, as his sons are in school in London.

Although Beckham will be paid for his work, which is rumored to be at over a million dollars a month, he plans to donate all of it to local children’s charities in Paris.

More to watch than stars

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Here is some strange but interesting facts. The South African dung beetle uses different ways to navigate. They use the milky way to navigate. This is the only animal in the world that uses the stars to help them navigate.

Over the years, we used research to conclude that these insects have used the moon and the sun to help guide them in a straight line. This is the quickest way for them to survive.

Scientists has attempted to clarify the Milky Way theory. They used numerous trials and tests to add truth to this theory. Here is an example of one of the test that scientist have tried.

Scientists at Johannesburg’s Wits University took beetles into the university planetarium to see how they fared with a normal night sky, and then one devoid of the Milky Way.

“The dung beetles don’t care which direction they’re going in. They just need to get away from the bun fight at the poo pile,” Wits professor Marcus Byrne said. “But when we turned off the Milky Way, the beetles got lost.”

Its weird but true!

PepsiCo will stop using Additive in Gatorade

PepsiCo will stop using Additive in Gatorade, due to many complaints. A petition was started to stop the use of additive. It had caused many side affects. The side affect includes neurological disorders and altered thyroid hormones.

The petition attracted over 200,000 signatures. Signatures was not the only option to get people’s attention. Sarah Kavanagh, who started this petition, traveled to New York city  to tape a segment for the Dr. Oz show.

The petition has attracted many of people and a lot of traffic. Viewers have seen that social networks has played a big part in this change.

Molly Carter, who is a spokeswoman for Gatorade stated that,” the company had been testing alternatives to the chemical for roughly a year due to customer feedback.” She said Gatorade initially was not going to make an announcement, “since we don’t find a health and safety risk with B.V.O.”

Because of the petition, though, Ms. Carter said the company had changed its mind, and an unidentified executive there gave Beverage Digest, a trade publication, the news for its Jan. 25 issue.




Justin Bieber gets crazy

Spencer Cain,

Recently, Justin Bieber has been in the media for the wrong reasons. In 2012, he was accused of getting an older woman pregnant. That accusation was proven to be false. The latest news on Bieber is quite disturbing. He was accused of taunting a lady during her exercises. When she was counting her reps, he started taunting her. Every time she would count to 20, he would say,”shut the f*** up.” The lady talks about it on her Facebook.

This is what she wrote about the incident.

“Then Justin starts imitating me and whenever I’d get to 20 he and his buddy would say ‘Shut the F–k up.’ I was stunned. They start complaining how they are so hungover from drinking-some drink that I never heard of before. I ignore them and keep doing my counting only in a quieter voice but they keep saying “Shut the F’up” whenever I get to 20. I am ready to punch one of them in the face or cry. I could not decide which since I felt like I was back in grade school and being made fun of.”

Her post gets a little bit more crazy
“Then they start talking about spitting in people’s drinks and that tonight at their concert yell, “remember when you drank my spit.” Justin guzzled his blue Gatorade and spits in it. So I think that they’re finally off of my back but NO! They start imitating my counting again even though I am whispering. I keep on ignoring them because I am not going to cause a scene at the Ritz or lower myself to their level. Much to my relief the back singer started talking about his GF. But then started saying things about her being a virgin because she is a Muslim and has a strict Father. And so he knows that when he marries her- he’ll be the first. FINALLY I had enough. (30 minutes of this crap) I left my workout station, my water bottle, mat and weights and go to the other room. I rolled my eyes at them but said NOTHING. After a few minutes I hear the door slamming so I know they left. I go back to working out and a take drink from my water bottle only it is Justin’s blue Gatorade. I spit it out right way thinking about his disgusting spit. I did not look at my water bottle before taking a drink. Ty Justin-I am putting your bottle and spit up on E BAY. Hopefully it will raise enough money to re build the kitchen at the Ronald Mc Donald House in Charleston. I go there to cook for the families of sick children. They need a better kitchen.”

This could be just an act for attention, but why go through all this trouble to create this type of story.

Bieber denies the allegations, but the lady has been sticking to her story. Hopefully Bieber could stop acting out and grow up!



Heated Cities Affect Temperatures Thousands of Miles Away

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Tall, heated buildings, warm cars and cozy houses; with all of this warm in the coldest of temperatures does it have an effect on the outside temperature?

According to research performed by researchers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Florida State University as well as the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the answer is yes.

According to Discovery News, when the heat from heavily heated cities is compared to the entire planet, the effect that is has barely measures up with a mere 0.3 percent of total energy that crosses over to cooler regions during the winter season through weather. However, his man-made heat could be just enough to affect the circulation systems within the atmosphere.

What researchers have been discovering is that the excess man -made heat that comes from buildings and cars in urban areas across the Northern Hemisphere are increasing remote areas of North America as well as northern Asia’s temperatures. It is reported that the temperatures are increasing by as much as 1 degree C, which converts to about 1.8 degrees F.

New Twitter Platform has Porn Problem

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Twitter’s new video sharing platform, Vine, is experiencing a porn problem. When searching through tags such as “#porn” or other words in this category, you will find a variety of inappropriate videos including porn videos taken from laptops.

However, for those who stumble across any of these NSFW videos, Vine users may flag a video as inappropriate using the mobile app. If something is flagged enough times, the system will add an internal roadblock that will warn you of an inappropriate content before you proceed.

The site is censorship-free as long affirmed by the company, expect for terms of illegal activity. In fact, Twitter has established country-specific systems that ensure that illegal content in Germany will be unavailable in that country, however, other

Using a Credit Card Could Bring Additional Fee

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While cashing out at the store, you may want to think before you pull out the plastic. As of January 27, 2013 stores in most states may charge you a “checkout fee” for simply using your credit card.

These new fees are a result of a multi-billion dollar settlement that occurred between credit card issuers and merchants in July.

Nine major banks including Visa and MasterCard agreed to the 7.25 billion dollar settlement to fix credit card processing fees.

As part of this settlement, credit card issuers explained that they would reduce these fees paid by merchants to issuers, however, this would only be the case for the first eight months.

Another part of this new deal is that retailers have the option to charge a surcharge if a customer decides to in fact use a credit card. According to Consumer Action, the retailer is only allowed to charge enough to what would cover the processing costs, which is between 1.5 and 3 percent of the total purchase.

Ashley Judd and Husband to Divorce

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Ashley Judd and her husband Dario Franchitti have announced they are separating after more than a decade of marriage.

“We have mutually decided to end our marriage.  We’ll always be family and continue to cherish our relationship based on the special love, integrity, and respect we have always enjoyed,” Judd, 44, and Franchitti, 39, said in a statement released on Jan. 29.

The actress and the racecar driver had been engaged for two years before they tied the knot in a private ceremony in Scotland in 2001.

Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield Engaged

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Melissa Gilbert is engaged!

Gilbert, 48, and former Thirtysomething star Timothy Busfield, 55, are getting married.

“They are engaged and both are incredibly happy,” the actress’ rep confirmed to PEOPLE.  The two reportedly got engaged over the holidays.

Gilbert, who is a mother of two, has previously been married to Bo Brinkman and Bruce Boxleitner.  She had been dating Theirry Gauchet when she was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

Busfield himself has been married twice and has three children from previous relationships.

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