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Amazon deforestation brings loss of Microbial Communities

UMass Amherst

UMass Amherst

Amazon deforestation has ben a problem for years. It has been stated that,” People have been defrosting the Earth to clear land for crops or livestock.” Here are some of the reasons that deforesting happens. Argicultural expansion and infrastructure are some of the reasons of the concerns facing Microbial Communities. Many scientists found that rainforest conversion differ from forrest soil. Rainforest conversion ,shows that they have many different species than forrest soil.There has ben many concerns that scientists have had concerning the loss of genetic variation. Genetic variation can reduce the ecosystem resilience. As the concern grows, scientists have been looking for some type of conclussion to end this matter. If we do not find a solution,Microbial Communties will suffer.

Amazon represents half of the world’s rain forrest and is home to one third of the Earth species. Amazon has the highest rate of deforestation. This is why we need to find some type of solution, to keep the Microbial Community alive.

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