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Florida woman finds ex in bed with new woman, sets bed on fire

Nicole Dobol, age 29. Photo credit: Monroe County Sherriff’s office/MiamiNewTimes.com

When a significant other breaks up with you, it is normal to feel some anger towards the other person. It may even be harder to see them with their new significant other.

One Florida woman, who found her ex-boyfriend literally sleeping with his new girlfriend, set the bed on fire and is now facing criminal charges.

Nicole Dobol, 29, broke into her ex’s apartment to find the two snuggled up together sleeping. Police that responded to the call reported that all three escaped uninjured.

Dobol, who watched the bed go up in flames, ended up taunting the new couple and doing nothing to help. After dragging the burning mattress on the balcony and putting out the fire, the police were called.

The young woman was arrested and is being charged with multiple counts of arson and burglary.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Split

Photo Credit: www.usmagazine.com

Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles have broken up.

Swift, 23, and Styles, 18, reportedly broke up after a blow-out fight in the British Virgin Islands.

The couple visited the islands following a New Year’s Eve kiss, and Swift ended up leaving by herself on Jan. 4.  Styles, however, stayed and partied with multiple people, including Richard Branson.

The musical pair debuted as a couple during a taping of The X Factor in November, and appeared inseparable after that.  They were spotted packing on the PDA at a party in New York on Dec. 6, and even spent her birthday together visiting Style’s hometown of Cheshire.

Despite this, a source close to Swift told PEOPLE that no one was taking this new romance seriously.

Both Swift and One Direction will be kicking off world tours soon.

Alabama Teen Released on Bail After Plotting “Terrorist Attack”

Photo Credit: www.wordpress.com

An Alabama teen has been released on bail, just two days after he was arrested for allegedly plotting “terrorist attacks” on his high school.

Derek Shrout, 17, had been arrested on Jan. 4 after a teacher at Russell County High School found a journal detailing his plans.  Six students and one teacher had been specifically named in the journal.

Shrout had been in Russell County court on Jan. 7, where his bond was set at $75,000 by District Judge David Johnson.  The teenager pleaded not guilty to attempted assault.

His lawyer, Jeremy Armstrong, has stated that he believes his client was just all talk.

However, over the weekend, authorities found 25 tobacco tins and two larger ones, each with holes drilled in them and pellets inside similar to BBs.  Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor said that experts on his investigation determined that, with a few more elements, the tins would have blown up in the way that Shrout described.

Shrout, who is a self-described white supremacist, has his next court hearing on Feb. 12.

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