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Snooki and JWoww are back for season 2


Photo credit: John Ricard/BET

“Jersey Shore’s” Snooki and JWoww are back for their second season of “Snooki & JWoww.” The show aired on Jan. 8 and the dynamic duo has the quite season ahead of them.

This new season is going to “be filled with excitement, babies, engagements, friendship and a little drunkenness,” according to Snooki. Season two is also giving viewers more, with the show now airing for an hour on Tuesday nights.

“First episode kind of establishes our new lives and our new homes – me and Roger’s house, Nicole living with Jionni now – because that’s where we left off in the first season,” said Jenni to MTV News. “Her moving in with him and just the craziness that begins.”

With this new season full of excitement, babies and friendship, what is not to love? “Snooki & JWoww” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

iPhone 5 costs Apple $215 to build

Photo credit: iPhonehacks.com

When the iPhone 5 hit the market last fall, it took the smart phone world by storm. With the cheapest model starting at only $199, it had 4S users dumping their outdated Siri for the newest and greatest model.

However, how much does it actually cost for Apple Inc., to produce its coveted smart phone? According to Valuewalk.com, the iPhone 5 costs Apple about $215 to build.

Valuewalk.com went on to explain that this means the revenue on most models that are higher than the $199 will create a significant amount of revenue.

“We estimate the iPhone and related revenue accounted for about 51% of Apple’s revenue in FY12 and will grow to about 54% of revenue in FY13,” said Barclay PLC.

The iPhone alone will be earning Apple roughly 48% revenue, which accounted for approximately 58% of the total profit earned this past quarter.

While it may seem that the iPhone is slightly over priced to some Apple users, Apple producers aren’t charging you much more than it costs to make it themselves.

Robert Griffin III recovering after LCL, ACL surgery

Photo credit: J. Meric/Getty Images/Bleacherreport.com

The Washington Redskins lost a valuable player when their quarterback, Robert Griffin III, went down during a game earlier this season. While his status had been unknown for several weeks, Griffin went in on Jan. 9 for surgery on his right lateral collateral ligament, LCL, and his anterior cruciate ligament, ACL.

Griffin had previously injured his ACL back in 2009 and under went surgery to repair it. Unfortunately, the injury he sustained during close game in early December has re-damaged his ACL and has required surgery on his LCL as well.

According to FoxSports.com, Griffin’s orthopedic doctor, James Andrews, said that he “had a direct repair” of the LCL and “a re-do of his previous ACL reconstruction.”

Andrews went on to say that Griffin is “well on his way to recovery” and told SBNation.com that he “expects a full recovery and it is everybody’s hope … he will be ready for the 2013 season.”

Sandy Hook Teacher To Have School Named After Her

Photo credit: nydailynews.com

Stratford, Connecticut is honoring Sandy Hook victim, Victoria Soto, by approving a proposal to rename a school after her. The 27-year-old teacher who was killed last month in the Newtown shootings trying to protect her students, will be honored when the HoneySpot Elementary School is renamed. John Harkins, the mayor of Stratford, made the recommendation, approved a month after the tragedy in December. Harkins is also hoping to build a memorial in honor of Soto and a petition has been started to name a local street after her.

Read more at NBC

Two People Shot At St. Louis Business School

Photo credit: wsbtv.com

The Associated Press is reporting that a gunman shot an administrator and then himself at a St. Louis business school. The suspect reportedly fired multiple shots at the Stevens Institute of Business and Arts in the city’s downtown area. Reports state that the gunman went into the building and shot at one of the school’s financial advisers before turning the gun on himself.

The story is still developing.


Golden Globe Winners Announced

Photo Credit: www.screencrush.com

The Golden Globes happened on January 13, 2013.  The show, which was hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, was a giant gathering to celebrate the best in film and television in 2012.  Here’s a list of all the winners:

  • Motion Picture – Drama: Argo
  • Actress – Drama: Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty
  • Actor – Drama: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln
  • Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical: Les Miserables
  • Actress – Comedy: Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook
  • Actor – Comedy: Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables
  • Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture: Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables
  • Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture: Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained
  • Director, Motion Picture: Ben Affleck, Argo
  • Screenplay, Motion Picture: Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained
  • Foreign Language Film: Amour (Austria)
  • Animated Feature Film: Brave
  • Original Score, Motion Picture: Mychael Danna, Life of Pi
  • Original Song, Motion Picture: “Skyfall,” Adele and Paul Epworth
  • TV Series – Drama: Homeland
  • Actress in a TV Series – Drama: Claire Danes, Homeland
  • Actor in a TV Series – Drama: Damian Lewis, Homeland
  • TV Series – Comedy or Musical: Girls
  • Actress in a TV Series – Comedy: Lena Dunham, Girls
  • Actor in a TV Series – Comedy: Don Cheadle, House of Lies
  • TV Movie or Miniseries: Game Change
  • Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries: Julianne Moore, Game Change
  • Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries: Kevin Costner, Hatfields & McCoys
  • Supporting Actress in a TV Series, Movie or Miniseries: Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey
  • Supporting Actor in a TV Series, Movie or Miniseries: Ed Harris, Game Change

Victor Garber Confirms He’s Gay

Photo Credit: www.bwwstatic.com

Actor Victor Garber has confirmed that he is gay.

“I don’t really talk about it, but everybody knows,” Garber, 63, told Greg Hernandez of the blog Greg in Hollywood.

The actor, who is most famous for playing Jack Bristow on Alias, has never kept his sexual orientation a secret, but this is the first time he publicly acknowledged it.

In an interview just last year with a magazine in his native Canada, Garber has said, “My companion Rainer Andreesen and I have been together almost 13 years in Greenwich Village.  We both love New York.”

Andreesen, who is an artist and model, accompanied Garber to this year’s Golden Globes.

Drug-resistant gonorrhea is becoming a global crisis

Photo credit: redorbit.com

Around the world cases of a drug-resistant form of Gonorrhea has increased to an estimated 106.1 million cases in the year 2008. This spike is a 21% increase from a documented 87.7 million cases in 2005. The World Health Organization (WHO) has decided to create a global action plan in order to gain control over the rapid spread of the Sexually Transmitted Infection. The antimicrobial resistant gonorrhea is becoming increasingly harder to cure once it has been contracted. The STI has the potential to even become completely untreatable due to limited treatment options, more specifically in areas that also have a high burden of gonococcal infections. Gonorrhea can be easily prevented through safe sex practices such as using condoms. Unfortunately, the recent increase is of gonorrhea on a global level, and the spread of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea will not go away anytime soon, and will continue to affect increasing numbers of communities worldwide.

Read more at guardianlv.com or CDC.gov

Controversial rape case in Cincinnati,Ohio

USA Today news


In Cincinnati, Ohio; There have been a rape case that many felt was controversial. Retired judge, Tom Lipps is presiding over this case. Two football players that played for this town, find themself accused of raping an apparently drunk 16 year old.

This charge was filed in August, and will result in criminal charges. The local judge and prosector had to step down, due  to their close connection to those involved in the case.

The case may be moved from Steubenville, because many fear for their safety and reputations. Due to this concern, the original trial date, which was Tuesday, Feb. 13, will have to be moved.

Lipps retired after serving 12 years with Hamilton County Juvenile Court. After he retired, hewas named a visiting judge by the Ohio Supreme Court. This allows him to be appointed in any Ohio County.

There have been reports made, that this young lady was video taped and photograph before the rape. This case have caught the eyes of America.

Justice needs to be served.

Australia is alerted about the heat wave going up North


There have been a string of wildfires burned across Australia’s south and east. The temperatures in New South wales was suppose to stay at 43 degrees Celsius. In Faharenheit terms, it going to be over 109 degress. There have been 90 fires that have been confirmed.

Tuesday suppose to be,” The worst fire danger day this state will have to face.” Normally Australia’s weather does not get this hot at this time of the year. Residents of Kaybean Valley, were told to evacuate the area immediately.

The island of Tasmania, Australia was hit the hardest. More than a 100 properties on the island have been destroyed. A total of 1,000 people were stranded, due to the wildfires.

There have not been any deaths confirmed, due to a lot of property damages. The fire fighters are still fighting these fires. All we can do is hope and pray, that everybody is okay.

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