Australia is alerted about the heat wave going up North


There have been a string of wildfires burned across Australia’s south and east. The temperatures in New South wales was suppose to stay at 43 degrees Celsius. In Faharenheit terms, it going to be over 109 degress. There have been 90 fires that have been confirmed.

Tuesday suppose to be,” The worst fire danger day this state will have to face.” Normally Australia’s weather does not get this hot at this time of the year. Residents of Kaybean Valley, were told to evacuate the area immediately.

The island of Tasmania, Australia was hit the hardest. More than a 100 properties on the island have been destroyed. A total of 1,000 people were stranded, due to the wildfires.

There have not been any deaths confirmed, due to a lot of property damages. The fire fighters are still fighting these fires. All we can do is hope and pray, that everybody is okay.

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