Controversial rape case in Cincinnati,Ohio

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In Cincinnati, Ohio; There have been a rape case that many felt was controversial. Retired judge, Tom Lipps is presiding over this case. Two football players that played for this town, find themself accused of raping an apparently drunk 16 year old.

This charge was filed in August, and will result in criminal charges. The local judge and prosector had to step down, due  to their close connection to those involved in the case.

The case may be moved from Steubenville, because many fear for their safety and reputations. Due to this concern, the original trial date, which was Tuesday, Feb. 13, will have to be moved.

Lipps retired after serving 12 years with Hamilton County Juvenile Court. After he retired, hewas named a visiting judge by the Ohio Supreme Court. This allows him to be appointed in any Ohio County.

There have been reports made, that this young lady was video taped and photograph before the rape. This case have caught the eyes of America.

Justice needs to be served.

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