Drug-resistant gonorrhea is becoming a global crisis

Photo credit: redorbit.com

Around the world cases of a drug-resistant form of Gonorrhea has increased to an estimated 106.1 million cases in the year 2008. This spike is a 21% increase from a documented 87.7 million cases in 2005. The World Health Organization (WHO) has decided to create a global action plan in order to gain control over the rapid spread of the Sexually Transmitted Infection. The antimicrobial resistant gonorrhea is becoming increasingly harder to cure once it has been contracted. The STI has the potential to even become completely untreatable due to limited treatment options, more specifically in areas that also have a high burden of gonococcal infections. Gonorrhea can be easily prevented through safe sex practices such as using condoms. Unfortunately, the recent increase is of gonorrhea on a global level, and the spread of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea will not go away anytime soon, and will continue to affect increasing numbers of communities worldwide.

Read more at guardianlv.com or CDC.gov

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