Robert Griffin III recovering after LCL, ACL surgery

Photo credit: J. Meric/Getty Images/

The Washington Redskins lost a valuable player when their quarterback, Robert Griffin III, went down during a game earlier this season. While his status had been unknown for several weeks, Griffin went in on Jan. 9 for surgery on his right lateral collateral ligament, LCL, and his anterior cruciate ligament, ACL.

Griffin had previously injured his ACL back in 2009 and under went surgery to repair it. Unfortunately, the injury he sustained during close game in early December has re-damaged his ACL and has required surgery on his LCL as well.

According to, Griffin’s orthopedic doctor, James Andrews, said that he “had a direct repair” of the LCL and “a re-do of his previous ACL reconstruction.”

Andrews went on to say that Griffin is “well on his way to recovery” and told that he “expects a full recovery and it is everybody’s hope … he will be ready for the 2013 season.”

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