Christie Lauds presses Congress for Storm Funds

There has been conflict with Gov. Chris Christie and Congress with a solution to approve a package of relief money.The relief money helps the victims that were affected by the storm.

After Christie called a meeting to denounce the Republican Leadership in the House, because the $60 billion aid was rebucked. Congress approved  $9.7 billion, but set a vote on a full releif package.

In his speech Tuesday, Christie urged leaders to pass a” full, clean Sandy aid bill.” These victims have waited 72 days to get some type of solution.

All we want is solutions and to help these people out.

Christie have been called out numerious times of praising  President Obama’s response after the strom hit. The storm had actually created more publicity for Christie.

Chris Christie has been mention a few times with him being a contender nomination in 2016.  That will have to wait, but how long does the victims have to wait?

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