Venezuela Court rules Chavez can skip oath


Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Europe

The Supreme Court issued a statement saying,” That President Hugo Chavez’s does not have an absence or uninterupted term.” It means, since he has been approved by the people and his term was not interupted he does not have to get sworn in,

Some people find that unconstitutional.

Jan.10 marks the begining of new constitutional period. The Venezuelan Constitution calls for presidents to be sworn in at the National Assembly on Jan.10.

There have been many concerns with Chavez health. Chavez is recovering from surgery and has possession of his mental faculties. He has been suffering from respiratory insufficiency. He has not been seen or heard from since, Dec.10.2012. This will put him at a great risk of losing his power.

If Chavez is unable to swear in, then the power will be transfered to the legislative branch. That will cause a lot of problems in the system.

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