“Argo” has Iranians enraged over alleged cinematic distortions

Photo credit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1024648/

In October of 2012, Ben Affleck released a dramatic thriller set in 1980 about six fugitive American diplomats in Iran. The movie was based on true events, and Metacritic gave the movie an 86 out of 100. The movie was also nominated for 7 Oscars, won best dramatic film and best director at the 2013 Golden Globes.

Then why has Iran banned the movie from circulating throughout the country? According to Telegraph.co.uk, Iran believes that Affleck created a film that distorts the truth the about the events in 1980.

The movie was based around the fall-out of the Washington-Tehran ties and the events that followed, but to Iranian filmmaker and actor Ataollah Salmanian, that was not enough.

“The movie is about 20 American hostages who were handed over to the US embassy by Iranian revolutionaries at the beginning of the revolution,” said Salmanian to telegraph.co.uk. “This movie… can be an appropriate response to distorted movies such as Argo.”

Salmanian has started to cast and make the non-distorted version of the movie. In fact, the Iranian media completely dismissed the films success, and even went as far as saying that the Golden Globes were a “political ceremony.”

Beyond that, the film was accused of “historical inaccuracies” and the “exaggeration of the role of the CIA.”

The Iranian version currently has no release date.

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