Blizzard Hits Northeast Hard

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A blizzard with hurricane-force winds has pummeled the northeastern United States on Feb. 9.

The blizzard so far has killed at least one person and has left 600,000 people without power.

The first death blamed on the blizzard was that of a man in his 70s, who was killed when a driver lost control of her car and hit him in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Meanwhile, utility companies report about 600,000 customers without power across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

The storm is expected to taper off from west to east in the afternoon.  Snowfall is forecast to total 2 to 3 feet in eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

So far, Hartford, Connecticut has been covered by 34 inches of snow, while St. James, New York, has 27.5 inches.

All flights leaving out of the Northeast have been canceled, as have all Amtrak services.

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