911 Calls Reveal Mother’s Pleas after Car Submerges in River

Photo Credit: thestorytemplate.blogspot.com

The 911 recording of a California woman who lost control of her car, landing in the Sacramento River has been released.

The driver of the 2009 Toyota Camry, Mussarat Chaudhary, 57, explained to dispatchers that she couldn’t get out of the car. According to authorities, a language barrier delayed the response efforts. By the time the crews were able to pull the car from the water, the mother of seven was found dead inside.

Chaudhary purchased the car three months ago. Prior to her purchase, Toyota had recalled some of the 2009 models to repair issues with the accelerator. This problem caused the accelerator to get stuck underneath the floor mat as well as excessive wear causing malfunctions.

Toyota confirmed however that regardless of the malfunction, the power of the brake systems seemed to always override the engine.

The mother’s relatives retained a lawyer. According to the family’s attorney, Christopher Wood, her family doesn’t hold any ill-will towards the dispatcher and know that the emergency crew did all they could.

According to Wood, he has not confirmed with the manufacturer if the vehicle had been recalled or fixed previously.

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