Hip-Hop Legends Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony Perform on Arsenio

Bone Thugs n Harmony on Arsenio Bone Thugs n Harmony the legendary quintet out of Cleveland, Ohio appeared on the Arsenio, who is from Cleveland as well, show last night. With a hip-hop fans have long awaited to see all five members of Bone Thugs n Harmony on stage again. Art of War: World War Three is the tittle of their upcoming album and rightfully titled so as the fight to stay as relevant as they have after twenty years in the hip-hop game. Performing their legendary song “Crossroads” and their new hit “Everything 100″ with Ty Dolla $ign [who has worked with Wiz Khalfia, Trey Songz and French Montana] allows fans old and new together to realize the skills of the legends’ longevity. Anticipating induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a couple of years and a Hollywood star Bone Thugs n Harmony are finally getting the accolades deserved. “…it was at a time when hip-hop wasn’t as musical as it is now, I thought that was the big contribution that you all made to the art…” stated Arsenio when discussing how Bone Thugs n Harmony attracted him with their unique sound. With over 30 million records sold worldwide Bone Thugs n Harmony have found great success with a style mocked but not easily copied by many hip-hop artists today as Layzie Bone stated “… we married rap; hardcore rap and melodic sounds together and it was the first time it was did. Now you got your R&B doing Bone Thugs n Harmony, you got every hip-hop artist out now been influenced by what we did…”


Check out Bone Thugs n Harmony performing “Crossroads” and “Everything 100″ below:


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