Young Thug ft. Meek Mill MLK Tribute Or Nah?

There has been a trend this year and in recent years of placing historical figures on event flyers and for hype, no face more used than that of Martin Luther King Jr. Images of King doing acts that go against everything the Civil Rights movement stood for and what he freedoms he fought for us to have. King has been placed on flyers doing everything from posing with stacks of money to posing with gold rope chains throwing up “peace” signs. Even one flyer was entitled “Freedom 2 twerk”. With that said it may not come as a surprise to many that a hip-hop artist would integrate King’s most famous speech “I have a dream” into a song about the money. “Hundreds ( I had a dream)” by Young Thug featuring Meek Mill is that song. With sexual, gang and gun references many may find the song distasteful in respects to honoring the man and the cause behind Martin Luther King Jr. day. Such a song can be deemed a musical version of the same images depicted of King on the flyers. The track produced by Metro Boomin could have benefited from the likes of Common, Jadakiss or Nas to match profound lyrics to the refreshing beat that actually addresses the issues of Civil Rights, acknowledges all that King has done for the movement and honor his legacy with taste, class and respect. Giving hip-hop fans a sure fire hit that leaves them in deep thought.

Take a listen to “Hundreds (I Had A Dream)” by Young Thug ft. Meek Mill here:




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