iOS and iPad Technologies Overview

There is a good reason why many app developers choose the iOS platform to create applications for mobile devices. Apple offers many unique technologies, such as development tools, an operating system, and hardware, all of which allow for incredible apps to be built.


That being said, it is important to point out that in addition to using excellent iOS technologies, developers must market their apps effectively. After all, it does not matter how fantastic an application might be, without effectively monetizing it, success will be hard to come by.


Appnext is a leading social and mobile ad network that can help with monetization and targeting the right users through smart advertising tools. Appnext iPad developer services can help developers of iPad and other iOS apps make the most money from their applications as possible.


Advertising and monetization aside, the following is a very general overview of the main development technologies available for iOS application developers.


Xcode – This is an all-encompassing tools package for app developers when it comes to creating applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other Apple devices. It includes the iOS Simulator and the Xcode IDE.


iOS SDK – Apple’s software development kit makes designing apps a smooth and no nonsense process. The SDK coupled with the Xcode IDE provides developers with the ability to build applications with ease.


iCloud – You can store more content for your apps conveniently using iCloud Storage APIs. This enables your apps to be updated automatically and provides your users with a seamless and consistent experience throughout all devices that feature iCloud capabilities.


Safari – Developers can create interactive web apps with Safari, which offers support for CSS animation, HTML5 offline storage, HTML5 audio and video tags, and more.





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