India Arie Not Pleased With Grammys


Indie soul singer India Arie is not pleased with the results of Sunday’s Grammy Awards. According to Arie the coined “Music industries biggest night” was nothing of the sort, rather a “popularity contest.” Arie penned in an open letter to her fans explaining her gripe with the Grammys. One situation that could support this statement was Macklemore winning three awards in the rap category and beating out Kendrick Lamar for Best Rap Album . Macklemore himself spoke out against this in a text he posted on Instagram to Lamar “You got robbed. I wanted you to win. You should have. It’s weird and it sucks that I robbed you.” [Ayers, Mike. "Macklemore Texts Kendrick Lamar After Grammys: 'You Got Robbed' "Rolling Stones. 27 Jan. 2014 web. 27 Jan. 2014]. Although Lamar’s album “Good Kid, M.A.A.d City” was nominated seven times Sunday night, it won none.

As with many of the musical awards now only a select few artists are televised (performances and awards), however few of  those were African American at the Grammys. India Arie stated “NOW the BIGGER losers, are ALL of black music. Where was the black music community represented in last nights Grammy show? Performers and winners (or not)… where were the black artists? ” [Ayers, Mike. "Macklemore Texts Kendrick Lamar After Grammys: 'You Got Robbed' "Rolling Stones. 27 Jan. 2014 web. 27 Jan. 2014] Even legendary The Isley Brothers won a Lifetime Achievement Award that was not televised.

I guess you could say India said it best when she stated “If the hip hop community voted on hip hop – r&b COMMUNITY the same – same for each category – we’d see winners that reflect the MUSIC ITSELF. We all know that’s just not the way it goes.”


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