J-Lo Returns To ‘The Block’

The new single “Same Girl” brings Jennifer Lopez back to ‘the block’ better known as The Bronx where the video was shoot. Ironically some of the scenes in the video were shot on the 6 train the same train she named her debut studio album”On The 6″ after. It appears J-Lo has returned to her roots rocking a faux fur coat, New York Yankees fitted hat and even cornrows walking through the streets of The Bronx. Even the camera angles speak to a New York  style of videography. The song itself has a catchy vibe but lacks in substance with a flow of speak singing rather than a treat of vocal range to put emphasis on lyrics. It was refreshing, however, to see an artists of J-Lo’s caliber return to their old neighborhood and interact with their fans. Considering an older lady in the video blurted out as J-Lo walked down the street “Jenny from the block” it is clear to see that she has proved her point; she is the “Same Girl”


Check out the video here:

“Same Girl”


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