Illmatic XX And Coachella



Hip-Hop fans are in for a real treat this April as it marks the 2oth anniversary of the classic LP Illmatic but an even bigger treat as there may be a good chance that fans old and new will get to experience Illmatic performed live in a long time. There are not many performances that can out do Dre. Dre and Snoop Dogg bringing out a hologram Tu-Pac at Coachella music festival except maybe Nas; according to Hip-Hop Nas stated “He never listens to Illmatic anymore but there is a good chance he is about to break that habit…” Nas is anticipated to perform Illmatic in full both at Coachella and the tour to follow.

Nas as in true artist style also sets out to celebrate the anniversary of Illmatic with Illmatic XX; a two-disc, re-release of the original featuring 10 remixes and unreleased tracks topped with digital mastering.

Wait… he’s not done yet…

Time is Illmatic is the title of a feature length documentary narrated by Nas and his father Olu Dara. Interestingly, Olu Dara (a Bluesman) and Nas (a Rap artist) both analyze Illmatic through the social and economical surroundings that inspired the lyrics that are still loved today. Directed by One9 (PBS, Google, Viacom, Sony Music) and produced by Erik Parker (MTV Jams, Music Journalist) fans can expect Time is Illmatic to be a raw in dept view into the creative process of a rap artist and how socio-economic factors play a role in creating such master pieces as Illmatic.

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