A Little Tribute to Harold Ramis


On February 24th, the great comedic director Harold Ramis, passed away from his long bout with vasculitis. His passing is a terrible loss for the comedic world, for his contributions raised the bar for what a comedy film could truly be. He was one of the crucial members of the SCTV generation (Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Eugene Levy, contributing films such as Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Back to School (writing credits),  Groundhog’s Day, Animal House (writing credits), Stripes, and Analyze This.  These movies cemented his place as a directing legend, among the likes of Mel Brooks, John Landis, John Hughes, Carl Reiner, and Rob Reiner.Unfortunately, he became a deceased legend too soon..  He surely had more comedic magic to offer. So, to commemorate the life of this beloved director, here are five classic moments from a few of his classic movies.

5. “No! It can’t be!”- Ghostbusters

The most threatening non-threatening thing ever.

4. “Explain this you sadistic bum.”- National Lampoon’s Vacation (Writing)

PETA approved.

3. Every morning- Groundhog’s Day

What we all want to do in the morning.

2. “0.0 GPA.”- National Lampoon’s Animal House (Writing)

My college career.

1. “It’s in the hole!”-Caddyshack

Murray at his finest.

It maybe sad that Harold Ramis passed away, but we will always remember his comedic accomplishments.




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